Save Up to 15% On Your Southwest Flights With This Sale

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Save up to 15% on Southwest flights with this new gift card sale. It is a great way to get more savings on some of Southwest’s lower prices during sales!


Almost as regular as Southwest’s actual sales is PayPal Digital Gifts offering discounts on Southwest gift cards on eBay. These are great to get since you can use them to save up to 15% on your future Southwest reservations and save even more money during their sales with these gift cards!

Save Up to 15% On Your Southwest Flights With This Sale

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Link: Southwest Gift Card Sale

This sale is on $100 gift cards and is for $10 off. If you want to make it simple, just head over there now and buy some for an easy 10% off your Southwest tickets.

These gift cards are electronic and you will receive them from PayPal Digital Gifts anywhere from a couple of hours up to 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Save an EXTRA 5%

But, if you want to save even more, you can do that if you use the right credit card when you buy your gift card. By “right” credit card, if you use a Chase Ink card (their small business cards), purchases from PayPal Digital Gifts code as one of their bonus categories which means you get 5 points per dollar spent!

The current bonus on this card is 80,000 Ultimate Reward points so that is a lot of travel right there for getting the card and meeting the spend!

If you have a Chase Ink Plus or Ink Business Preferred, you will get those points as Ultimate Reward points. Those can be worth a minimum of 1.5 cents when transferred to Southwest or even more when used with other travel partners. So, while your base earning is equivalent to 5% savings on the gift card, your redemption could give you a lot more in value!

If you have the Chase Ink Cash, it will give you 5% cash back but you can convert that into Ultimate Reward points and get the same value as above if you have an Ultimate Rewards earning card. See this post for more details about that.

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When the regular Southwest sales come out, you can save money with them but when you can combine it with gift cards that will give you another 10% discount (plus 5% more with the credit card). That can be some great savings! If you have upcoming Southwest travel in mind, consider buying these gift cards now for use now or during a future Southwest sale!

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