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Running Goals For 2015

That time of the year is upon us! It is the time to look forward to the new year and attempt to set goals that we hope to accomplish for an entire 365 day period. It takes a lot to stick to a plan faithfully for that amount of time! But, it is good and helpful to set the goals as it gives us something to accomplish and a plan to use.

As far as travel goes, I have already laid out what I hope to accomplish with my elite status goals in the year to come – here. Much of that travel will be accomplished helping me to meet some of my running goals. So, here is a little glimpse at what I hope to accomplish going into 2015.

Running Goals For 2015

Running Streak

A couple of years ago, I happened to begin a running streak without really thinking about it. I had gone for about a month without skipping a day so I kept it going for a little more than 100 days. At the time, I was running an average of 62 miles per week and did not miss a day of running at least 2 miles. The hardest day was the day that our youngest son was born – I left the hospital that night to go home and stay with our other kids at 10:30pm – in January! I ran the 2 miles in the hospital parking lot to get it in. 🙂

This time, I am going to make an actual effort to work a longer running streak. However, I am only going to put a 1 mile requirement to keep the streak going. That is what is considered necessary for an “official” running streak so I will put that as my minimum. But, if will certainly be treated as just a minimum. I am going to be approaching a running program later in February that will have adding some considerably higher mileage amounts to my training so I should see more days at the minimum of 2 miles. 🙂


This is actually a very fun, healthy goal. Anyone could make a streak only running 7 miles in a week! I encourage you to join me in this streak and we will have some fun with it. If we get enough people to jump on board, I will work on making some fun things along the way, including some giveaways just for those on the streak. Leave a comment below if you want to start a streak of running at least 1 mile per day beginning January 1, 2015. We will see how far we go!

Running Meetups

I am in Europe and would love to connect with some readers for runs at some point! As the year develops, be sure to let me know if you are going to be in Europe on a visit and we can try to connect with each and other area runners. Meetups are fun – they are even more fun on the road taking in new sights! Be sure to let me know if you are going to be around and we will try to line something up.

Running Events/Races

This year, I already have a few races I am registered for – some of them coincide with already planned trips. I will be publishing lists of them as the year goes on to see if any of you will be running them as well. For the immediate race plans, I will be running the Tiberias Marathon next week (again!) and looking forward to providing a great race review of that. That is actually one of my goals – get race reviews out in quicker time! Reviews are one of the harder types of post to write so it always takes me a while to get to them. My goal is to get race reviews out within 2 weeks after a race in 2015 – hold me to it!

I will also be running the largest half-marathon in the world! That should make for a great review and report!

Big Plans Coming!

I cannot say anything about Plan A right now because I am working on developing some aspects of it, but let me say – if it works out, it will create some reviews like you have not seen before and some amazing trip plans! I really hope it works because I think everyone would really enjoy the reports and reviews – and not just runners! (Joey, don’t spill the beans!:)

But, if Plan A does not work out, I am developing a very strong Plan B for a series of running events. It is kind of a cool plan that will be something to provide both photos and videos of some interesting countries as I make my way running through… well, that part will have to wait until I announce it! The good part is that Plan B should actually be quite interactive and have a decent amount of multimedia accompanying it.

So, either way, 2015 should have some pretty good reviews and reports that will involve some unique travel and running. Hopefully, I will be able to announce one or the other early in 2015.

What Are Your Running Goals?

So, those are my running goals – what are yours? Do you have a training program you really want to follow this year? Maybe you want to begin running for the first time! If that is the case, I can certainly help you with that! Shoot me an e-mail and I can give you a hand.

What races are you planning on running? What distances are you working on for this year? Let everyone know in the comments!


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  • I just heard about the concept of Run Streaks and I’d like to participate. I need to be more consistent in my running and this is a great way to do it! Sign me up!!