Amazon’s Deals of the Day: Memory Cards and Chromebook

Written by Charlie

SanDisk Memory Devices

Amazon Link for SanDisk Memory

I know that many of you have picked up new cameras or phones in the last couple of months, especially with some of the great prices on the GoPro cameras that we have seen. With those items, you may be looking for some memory to capture all of your activities and memories to. Fortunately, that is one of the Amazon Gold Box Deals of the Day!

SanDisk memory

In fact, they also have USB memory sticks for those of you who may need some additional backup for your computers. Yes, some of the prices may have been better on Black Friday (in fact, I’m sure they were), but that is one problem with Black Friday – it takes place before you receive your Christmas gifts!

Samsung Chromebook 2

Amazon Link For Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2

Also, along with the memory deal from Amazon is the Samsung Chromebook 2 – $239. This Chromebook has received some pretty good reviews and this particular model comes with 4GB of RAM, up from the 2GB that is more standard in the Chromebooks. Along with this, you get the standard offer of 100GB of storage on Google Drive (lasts for 2 years). At current prices, that would cost you $2 per month, or $48 over the course of the offer. So, if you use cloud storage, you are getting an additional $48 in value with this device (not as good as the deal they ran earlier this year that offered 1TB for 2 years, but still decent). Today only, this Chromebook is available from Amazon for $239. A lower-grade Chromebook is available from Best Buy for $10 more, so this deal from Amazon would seem to be a good one. I have used Chromebooks before and they are great to let you sit down and get some work done – fast and distraction free! Not only that, but it is a great machine to carry with you if you don’t want a more expensive machine to get damaged.

This Chromebook comes standard with 16GB of storage, but you could buy one of the microSD cards from above for $25 to increase that another 64GB! Not a bad deal at all to form your own combo!

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