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Qatar QSuites Deal: Fly NYC to Greece Roundtrip for $2,400 in QSuites Business Class

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Written by Charlie

Here is a Qatar QSuites deal that will take you from the US to Athens, via Doha, so you can experience 26 hours of QSuites – and hit the beach!

First of all, yes, $2,400 for a plane ticket is not a cheap deal. However, it is actually not a bad price for a premium airline from the US to Europe and when you consider that this is on Qatar Airways and can be in their QSuites – that makes it all the better!

Fly Qatar QSuites from NYC to Greece for $2,400

Link: Google Flights (play around with the dates to find what you want)

How to Break the Price Down

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Let’s break down the price a little bit before we hit the details. If you were to use American Airline miles (since they are partners with Qatar Airways), it would require 140,000 AA miles plus a little bit in taxes and fees to fly from the US to Doha roundtrip.

Use Chase Ultimate Reward Points to Lower the Cash Cost

This deal does that but has you ultimately end up in either Athens or Larnaca! If you have Chase Ultimate Reward points, you can use 140,000 of those (with the Reserve card) and you would have $2,100 worth of miles and then you would pay $300 extra.

That means that you could get an actual revenue ticket that earns you miles for not that much more than what AA would charge in miles for an award ticket for 2/3s of the journey!

I definitely recognize that this price is not for everyone but for anyone that does want to experience some of the best business class seats in the world while going to the beautiful land of Greece, this can be done with a mixture of points and cash to make it work for you!

Remember – while it is possible to find Qatar Qsuites for less than this, it is not that common to find it less than this from the US.

The Flight Details

This deal requires a 7 day or more trip. The dates start as early as February 18 and there are scattered around each month with some scarcity (but still present) in the summer months. The deal dates actually run right through the end of the year.

If you book direct on Qatar’s website, it will tell you which flights have QSuites onboard – like all A350-1000 flights. For flights to Athens, you will be flying the A330 in business class. That is a very nice business seat as well for the 4+ hour flight from Doha to Athens and back again. (here is a review of this seat on that route)

It books into “R” fare class which earns 100% mileage on American Airlines and 1.5 elite miles per mile – so, 17,000 award miles and 25,500 elite miles.


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