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And The Most Profitable Airline In The World Is…

You would think that the most profitable airline in the world is one that charges a huge price for their tickets or that has the largest population of business customers or frequent flyer program. But, you would be wrong! This airline was rates as the most profitable airline in the world back in April and Morgan Stanley recently said that their increased earnings cause it to likely be the most profitable airline in the world.


The answer is – Spirit Airlines! That’s right, the airline that has the fees for everything you do before, during, and after the flight is actually the most profitable airline. 🙂 Never having flown them myself, I cannot speak to the experience (check out these posts at Heels First Travel for info about Spirit Airlines).

So, I guess you might be better off buying their actual stock instead of anything on ticket stock (especially since you have to pay $10 for that printed boarding pass at the airport)! 🙂

HT: Benzinga

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  • Hi Charles, is this relative to revenues? Where do we get this comparison from? I never fly with Spirit, but because people are talking about it, I’m curious to try their flights. I know, people are going to tell me that I’m nuts.

  • What is your basis for this claim? Are you citing profit margin, absolute dollars of profit or some other novel measure? Several carriers had more operating profit than Spirit had gross revenue in Q3, so I am very curious of the details to support your claims.

    • I did not make the claim. I simply pointed out that Morgan Stanley had said that they were possibly the most profitable airline in the world. You would have to ask them :). I just put it here as an interesting tidbit.