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JetBlue Extends Their Schedule And New Fares Classes Coming

JetBlue fare classes
Written by Charlie

JetBlue Extends Their Schedule

JetBlue and Southwest offer some of the best, consistent value in pricing and award redemptions, especially with their frequent sales. A problem with both, however, is the more limited schedule extensions that they have. Unlike they other airlines, they do not have rolling schedules – where you can book tickets at almost a year out consistently from the date you search. Instead, they roll out added months to their schedule every couple of months.

JetBlue fare classes


The good news is that JetBlue has done that today – you can now book through September 7, 2015! That gives you all of the summer months for bookings as well as the weekend of Labor Day (the schedule stops right at Labor Day). So, if you were waiting for some openings to occur, this is the day.

New JetBlue Fare Classes Coming In 2015

Back in July, JetBlue was talking about how they were going to change their fare class structure. They also said that the idea of a fee for the first checked-bag (which is currently free) was on the table as well. That new fare structure is expected to roll out in the first part of 2015 and could be talked about as soon as November 19th.

It will be interesting to see if they will bundle that fee (for the first bag and anything else they include) on top of current pricing structure (and leave the current pricing for those without bags) or if they will reduce the current ticket price for those without bags. I doubt they will actually do the latter. Instead, it will most likely be that the fare class for those wishing to check bags will be marked up from the current pricing. The new fare structure would probably include other services beside just the checked bag (though you will be able to pay for that bag if you choose the cheapest seat).

Aegean Airlines did something like this last year where they introduce a middle fare class that allowed for more flexibility with the ticket and included one bag. Of course, even the cheapest fare (which is actually very cheap) still allows elite passengers one bag. But, they did include changes at no fee. JetBlue (which currently charges fees for changes) may do something similar where they package flexibility and one bag into the new fare class.

JetBlue is not my normal carrier, but when I do fly them out of JFK, I also notice the long line of people checking bags in for their trip. Creating a separate fare for those customers wanting to check bags will certainly bring in quite a bit more in revenue for the airline and (hopefully) cut down on some of that line! 🙂


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