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Prime Deal: Own an iPhone 12/Mini or 12 Pro? Check Out this Anker Charger!

Written by Charlie

If you have an iPhone 12 series phone, this is the best portable charger you will find! And, thanks to Amazon Prime Day, it is on sale today!

Here is a quick deal I wanted to bring to your attention. If you are like me, the iPhone 12 Mini is a favorite! Apple is shutting down production of this fabulous phone, which is a disappointment, but I know many have it. Even if you have the larger iPhone 12 or a iPhone 12 Pro, you may have found the battery life not as long lasting as the 11 series. This is the Anker charger you will want!

A Great Deal on an Anker Charger for iPhone 12 Series of Phones

Link: Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 Phones

While any portable charging device can charge your iPhone, this little Anker charger is the best one I have ever used! That is because it uses the MagSafe feature of the iPhone 12 series phones to stick to the phone and charge it! This means no cable (but no rapid charging this way either) and it is still slim enough to fit in my pocket.

Charging backs for iPhones have been around for a long time, but those require the iPhone to slide in and it is a more complicated thing than this that just sticks to the back – and you don’t need to have it on all the time.

I never leave the house without this Anker portable charger now and I use it all the time. My iPhone 12 Mini’s battery life was the only thing that I wasn’t thrilled about but now I can totally deal with it.

For Prime Day, you can get this charger for 20% off!

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