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Pics of the Week: Stockholm at Midnight

Written by Charlie

For the pic of the week, we have Stockholm at midnight! In Sweden in the summer, midnight means some really great colors! So, here are a few photos!

Earlier this summer, I went to Stockholm for a quick trip to run the Stockholm Marathon. It is such a beautiful city that there were some vantage points I wanted to shoot at sunset. Well, in summer, sunset is like midnight or later in Stockholm! To make it even crazier, sunrise is like around 3am! So, I headed out the night before the marathon to capture as much of Stockholm in the sunset and blue hour time as I could.

Pics of the Week: Stockholm at Midnight

I have been going through my travel photos and realizing that I have some ones that I would really like to share so I will pick one (or a few) every so often, maybe once a week, maybe a little less often, and feature it here. Hope you like these!

This picture (it is the featured image as well) was captured from the bottom of the bridge and is a composition of three exposures so I could capture the sunset and the water reflection as well as the detail of the buildings. Right in front sticking up high is the Riddarholm church with the city hall off to the left.

While I was in Stockholm, I stayed at the Sheraton. A couple of the pictures below were shot from the balcony of my room at the Sheraton so it was certainly a nice view to have! It is the first two pictures below this paragraph.

View of Gamla stan at midnight (shot from my hotel balcony)

Another view of Gamla stan at midnight (shot from my hotel balcony

The second shot was shot with a more narrow aperture to capture the light bursts. It meant a longer exposure as well to capture the streaks of the light from the passing cars. As you can, the road above had several cars while the one to the left of the image had none. It was after midnight, after all! 🙂

This was shot around midnight from a high point across the water. The main building is the city hall.

This was a tighter view of the city hall. The light was really changing quickly so it has less sunlight than the previous one.

I really loved my short time in Stockholm! So much to see and enjoy! This was one of the reasons I wanted to run the Stockholm Marathon – to see it all from the ground!

One of these weeks, I will feature the Stockholm Metro stations – they needed their own post! I only had time for a few but they were pretty stunning!

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