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These Passengers Were Vomiting When the Pilot Cranked Up the AC

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Onboard this flight yesterday, passengers started vomiting when the pilot cranked up the AC on full blast. This was after a long delay and reports are mixed as to why the pilot did this – passengers claimed it was to force them off the plane. Check out the video!

Well, this is certainly a “what in the world??!” moment! Passengers aboard an AirAsia flight found out what it is like to have their airplane’s AC blower on full blast. The video shows the cabin full of mist from the vents and passengers throwing up as a result.

These Passengers Were Vomiting When the Pilot Cranked Up the AC

According to reports, AirAsia flight 5583 was delayed for their departure from Kolkata to Bagdogra. The flight was to have left at 9AM and the duration is just 45 minutes. Due to technical reasons, the plane delayed and then delayed again. After a while, the pilot told the passengers they would have to disembark.

Now Comes The Crazy Part!

Now, this is where things start to get a bit crazy. The passengers apparently refused to get off the plane due to heavy rains and this is when they claim that the pilot turned the air conditioning on full blast in an attempt to force them off the plane.

The airline says that the humidity was very high and that this was the reason for the air conditioning to have been turned on so high. Regardless, apparently the blowers were operating so high that the plane filled with a mist from the overhead vents and this is when people began to vomit.

Regardless of which explanation is the true one, this is just unbelievable that something like this could make passengers vomit like this! A couple of passengers explained it by saying that this is air travel in India. Not having flown in India myself, I certainly cannot speak to that but this event sure doesn’t make me want to rush and buy a ticket with AirAsia India!

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