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Great Deals! Fly Around Europe From Just $10 One Way

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Written by Charlie

Talk about deals, here are some incredibly cheap flights in Europe from just $10 one way! These include visiting places like Paris, London, Stockholm, Mallorca, Italy, and more and can be done for prices as low as $10 and many just around $20!

Ok, let’s get this out of the way first – yes, this is Ryanair (and Easyjet and some others)! But, having flown them several times myself, it is really not that bad – especially when you can score a seat for just $10 to fly a couple of hours! I mean, that is cheaper than the gas to get to the airport in some places!

So, keep an open mind and a light carryon and see which of these deals may sound good enough for you to jump on. 🙂

Great Deals: Fly Around Europe From Just $10 One Way

Ryanair, Easyjet, and more – Wait, what?!
cheap flights in Europe

Berlin to Italy for just $10 one way!

Ryanair is actually a very decent airline to fly on when you want to get around with little luggage and without a great deal of comfort. Sure, you could always pay extra to reserve a seat with more leg space and priority boarding, but if you wanted to go as cheap as possible and no-frills, Ryanair has you covered with that!

Easyjet is kind of the same as Ryanair – but a different color and different routes. Still, expect to pay for everything (including water) but if you can keep it trim on the extras, you can get around for a very cheap price.

Smaller Airports = Smaller Crowds and Easier Transportation

Do keep in mind that some of the airports that Ryanair flies to are not the big ones in the city. This can be a good thing as you won’t be dealing with horrible crowds and transportation plus many of these smaller airports have bus services to the city centers and the departure and arrival schedules are around the times of each plane coming and going.

Getting to the Deals

cheap flights in Europe

This special Ryanair sale ends tonight – but many of the great seats are available without the sale!

Ryanair has advertised a sale for 1 million seats that is supposed to end tonight and supposed to be for travel from September – November. However, many of the great deals I have found are actually during the summer months as well! This means that you can hit some prime vacation places for less than the ride to the airport – during peak season!

Try this, for example. Berlin, Germany to Palma, Mallorca (you could unwind from your Ryanair journey at the beautiful Park Hyatt Mallorca!) – a 3 hour trip – for just $12 one way!

cheap flights in Europe

From Berlin to Mallorca for $12!

The return flights can be jus as cheap, but why go back to Germany? Instead of flying back to Berlin, you can hop to Milan, Italy for about $26.

From Milan, you could hop to mainland Greece or the islands for about $26 or fly up to Copenhagen, Denmark – also for just $26! You could also wing over to Paris for $18 or up to London for $24!

cheap flights in Europe

Cheap flights all over Europe – thanks to carriers like Ryanair

To play around with dates, click this link to go to Google Flights. From there, you can change your airports and dates.

Cheap Flights Can Be Great

Personally, I find cheap flights like this to be something of an adventure starter. You could build a multi-country trip throughout Europe for less than $100! That is hitting cities like Paris, Berlin, Athens, Milan, London, Stockholm, and more! You could even branch out and take in Marrakech, Morocco (which some airlines classify as Europe so we can do that too. 🙂 ).

The only big problem is figuring out what to do with your real luggage. Most people that visit Europe for a couple of weeks have a big suitcase. You could just pay for that as your checked bag or just try to pack lighter. If you plan on hitting a lot of cities, packing lighter may be easier anyway.

So, check these deals out and see which cities may go on your list!

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