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Review: The Brand New Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

park hyatt mallorca resort
Written by Charlie

The new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort is open! Check out this review of this beautiful property and awesome Hyatt redemption!

Here is the review of the new Park Hyatt Mallorca resort itself! Read my earlier review of the Park Suite at the new Park Hyatt and get a feel of what you could stay in. But, given the size of the resort, I split the review into two different reviews. This one will cover the resort itself (as it exists right now) and show you what it looks like with many photos!

The Brand New Park Hyatt Mallorca Review

new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The entrance to the Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

Location of the New Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

new Park Hyatt Mallorca resort

The location of the Park Hyatt Mallorca is on the northeast part of Mallorca

The Park Hyatt Mallorca is located in the north eastern part of the island. It is right at a 1 hour drive from the Palma airport and renting a car is definitely the way to go. Rental cars can be found incredibly cheap for Mallorca (we paid €12 for a day and a half) and it always nicer to have your own method of transportation anyway.

new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

I used Google Maps to find the Park Hyatt Mallorca and was able to find it without a problem. You will need to use something like this because you will not (currently) find signs directing you along the way – or even as you get close.

I was incorrectly told by the guard at the gate that all cars had to park along the road leading to the resort which I thought to be a bit strange. But, I was told by the Hyatt staff that this was just for the workers at the resort (still construction going on) and that you can absolutely bring your car in and they will park it for you.

Hotel Entrance/Check-In

new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The entrance and lobby space of the Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

After you enter the resort grounds, you will follow the signs to your right to the reception area. It is on the right of a courtyard space with the library being directly across from it. The staff is very welcoming and accomodating and offered me a variety of drinks as I waited for them to finish the check-in procedure. Everyone was very helpful and my bags were promptly whisked off to our room while we finished checking in.

After we were done, we were taken up by cart by a great employee (Julio) who showed us around our suite and explained parts of the resort. There are several golf carts available and I imagine they ferry everyone up to their rooms (or at least make it availble) for check-in as it can be a bit confusing at first to find your room as the resort is definitely good sized.

Getting Around

Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

Getting around the Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort requires some stair climbing – but the views are beautiful!

You will definitely get a good workout as you make your way around the resort! There are stairs to all of the rooms and it can be a hike! We enjoyed it, especially coming down to the village square as there are plenty of spaces to checkout the beautiful views surrounding the resort.

new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

Once you know the name and number of your room, you will be able to see signs around the stairs guiding you to your correct unit. There are places of running water near the stairs and walls of running water around the various walkway areas.


Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The children’s pool at the Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The Park Hyatt Mallorca resort currently has 3 pools and will eventually have an indoor pool as well. The current pools are laid out with one being a small children’s pool with a larger pool (deepest at 1.6 meters) near that pool. If you go up one level, you will reach the top pool which is smaller and a bit more shallow. Just above that is a jacuzzi.

Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The large pool with the Poolside Bar in the background – Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The upper pool is adult’s only and has a beautiful view overlooking the lower part of the resort and the wonderful countryside. There is a poolside bar that makes some tremendous smoothies! They have a variety of drinks and food available and attendants will deliver you a call button for when you are ready to order.

Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The delicious smoothies from the poolside bar – Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

There are pool attendants at the lower two pools so you have some staff on hand if you need help or have some problems. The bathrooms near the pools are located near the jacuzzi above the adult pool level.

Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The adult pool one level up from the other pools – Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The pools are located outside the Balearic restaurant and all of the pools give gorgeous views of the resort itself and countryside.

Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The beautiful views from the adult pool – Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort


The resort is designed with a village look and the restaurants are dotted around the village square in the middle. I only ate at one of the restaurants (for breakfast) but heard from others that the food at the other places was also very good.

Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The Balearic Restaurant – Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

There are a few different places to eat and the hours differ between them.

  • Tapas Bar: Open 4PM – 1AM daily
  • Café Se Plaça: Open 10AM – 5PM daily (a cafe style dining option)
  • Poolside Bar: Open 8AM – 10PM daily
  • Asia: Open 7PM – midnight daily
  • Balearic: Open for breakfast 7AM – 10:30AM on Monday – Friday and 7AM – 11AM on Saturday and Sunday | Open for dinner from 7PM – 11PM daily

We ate our breakfast at the Balearic our one morning there and it was really good! A lot of regional dishes and plenty of fresh fruit available. There are several tables with various breads, cheeses, fruits, and other breakfast food available. They will also make you a variety of egg dishes, pancakes, and waffles on order.

Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The main breakfast tables – Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

We ordered 2 fried eggs and a plate of pancakes to go with our other breakfast breads and fruit. Everything was very tasty and perfectly done!

new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The fruit table – Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The pancakes at the new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort


The fitness center is up and running and is located just outside the village square. There are a number of treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines in there as well as many free weights and other gear throughout the spacious room. It is directly across from the soon-to-be finished Kid’s Club room. Right now, there are just a few pieces of furniture in there but it will be a great place if you wanted to get a workout in when traveling there with kids.

new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

The fitness center – new Park Hyatt Mallorca Resort

Upon request, you can get a fantastic booklet outlining the routes all around this part of Mallorca. Each route option will tell you if it is ideal for running, hiking, or riding and tell you the difficulty, distance, elevation information, and the expected duration of the route.

They are still working on finishing the rest of the resort area that will have tennis courts, indoor pool, and many other facilities. This will be done in the next several months and they are hard at work with it now. They will also shuttle you to the beach nearby if you want to use the waterfront. The resort itself is not on the beach but only a few minutes away so you can either take the hotel transportation or drive yourself.


The internet was great! Not only was it fast and reliable in the room (to be expected) but it was also easy to access anywhere around the resort. I had really good speeds near the pools and from around the village.

What to Expect Now

I had the chance to speak with many of the hotel staff as well as the hotel manager and enjoyed all of my interactions with the staff. The manager, John, is doing a great job getting this place running as it is a new, upscale property in a location without a prior Hyatt property. Because of that, there are many new hires from the area as well as hospitality veterans from other Hyatt locations. The training with the new staff seems to be going very well and the veterans are doing very good with keen eyes to help the new staff if there is anything that may need correcting.

It is one thing to have the training and another to deal with real guests. The resort has just opened and everyone already seems to be dealing with guests in welcoming and efficient manner. If your stay is not for a few months, I am sure you will not even be able to tell that some of the staff are newer hires.

There is the wide dirt expanse that is being constructed into the rest of the resort facilities. Some said in the next few months but I have also heard early next year. If the completed resort is important to you, definitely contact them before booking to see when it will be finished.

Staying at the Park Hyatt Mallorca

The basic room costs over $700 during the summer months but can be booked at a fantastic 20,000 points per night since it is a Category 5 hotel. When you can find Points+Cash availability (it is not showing online so you will need to call Hyatt or tweet them), it will be 10,000 points + $125 per night. When you book using the Points+Cash, you can apply a Diamond Suite Upgrade that will put you in the Park Suite like I had stayed in. This suite can cost over $2,000 per night so there is some great redemption value to be had!

Park Hyatt Mallorca review

The rates in June


I had really been looking forward to seeing the new Park Hyatt Mallorca resort and it did not disappoint. Granted, I was only there for a day, but the pools and our terrace were perfect for us to relax and we did not miss anything else. If you are here on vacation, you will definitely want to check out the surrounding area as well as there are many places to enjoy. We checked out Caves de Arta just 5 minutes away and it was really a cool experience.

With peak season rates at the $650 and up rates, getting to stay there on points for only 20,000 points per night is a great redemption! It is very easy to get at least 3 cents per point redemption value at this property so definitely consider this!

Any questions about the new Park Hyatt Mallorca? Also, let us know if you have stayed there or will be there soon!

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  • What a nice place. Where are the people? I have a question about how did you fly there? and if someone wanted to book an award ticket from Barcelona to there what is a good place to start. Thanks and enjoy the info you have shared over the years.

    • Thanks, Jason! There were only about 16 people at the resort when we were there since it had opened just a few days before. I tried to take photos without staff members so that is why they are not there. I flew Air Berlin through Munich. To be honest, I would probably just purchase a ticket on a low cost carrier. You have Vueling, Ryanair, and also Air Europa and Iberia – all for under $40 one way during peak season!

  • Hi,

    Staying here in August using P&C + DSU. Can you tell me, how bothersome was the area still under construction that you mention (the ‘dirt expanse’)? I’m wondering if there is heavy machinery and associated noise/lack of privacy, and if so, could one request a room that is further from the construction in order to be less bothered by it?

    Great review, by the way. Not much out there on this hotel yet.

    • Good for you! I am sure you will enjoy it. I could see the vehicles but never had any noise from there. It is far enough away that it is not really an issue. The rooms are all past the pools and restaurants up the hill so they are as far away as you could get. It should be fine. Let me know how you like it there!

    • Check out HolidayAutos. They have the best prices. But, pay close attention to the fuel policy. The full/full is the best since there are not clear terms as to what the surcharges are with some like Record rentals. You can get some really great deals there!

      • Thanks Charlie! Prices are still quite high but I am looking WAYYY in advance (June 2017). I am thinking that maybe I will be better off as the dates get closer.

        • I would reserve something now with one of the regular places or someplace that will not charge your card yet (they mention on Holiday Autos if they will charge now or if you can cancel for free). This way you have something in case the prices go up even higher later. But, yes, I would guess they will come down. It costs the companies nothing to all have high prices now for those people that are planning far in advance.