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Park Hyatt Dubai Review

Park Hyatt Dubai
Written by Charlie

After the marathon, I moved to the Park Hyatt Dubai for my last night in Dubai. I would have happily stayed at the Radisson Blu Residence Dubai Marina for the last night, but I just cannot bring myself to do it, thanks to their unique credit card perk. Instead, I decided that I would give the Park Hyatt Dubai a try.

Park Hyatt Dubai

Park Hyatt Dubai

The Park Hyatt Dubai (from their website)


The Park Hyatt Dubai is in a wonderful location for travelers who need to be near the Dubai International Airport. It is a little bit away from the downtown portion of the city and even further from the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina areas. If you plan on spending quite a bit of time in the city, this would probably not be your best choice. However, if you want a very relaxing place upon arrival or before departing, then I would choose this place in a heartbeat. In other words, it was the perfect hotel to stay at after a marathon. 🙂

Park Hyatt Dubai

The location of the Park Hyatt Dubai

Getting There

The Dubai Metro has a stop about 1/4 mile from the entrance of the Park Hyatt – it is the Deira City Centre station. The only problem with walking there (or from there) is that it is a long walk from the hotel to the entrance of the hotel grounds. They do have golf carts that can take you to the entrance or to the hotel, if they are available. They did not have any available when I was going out, so I got to walk on my tired legs. The good part was it was a beautiful walk!

It would probably be best to take taxis around. If you have the hotel arrange the taxi, it will cost more than just grabbing it yourself. Taxis come in all day long so you can just get in one of the taxis leaving to take it into the city. I took a taxi from the Dubai Mall and it cost $7. Another option is to use Uber. I used Uber to get to the Park Hyatt from the Dubai Marina and it cost $32 (of course, I had a discount on it). It took about 40 minutes during the busy part of the afternoon, but was entirely comfortable! If you have data on your phone in Dubai, Uber is a great way to go. Otherwise, just grab a taxi.

Hotel Entrance/Check-In

The entrance to the hotel was absolutely beautiful and spacious. The area was simple yet luxurious. The check-in counter was easily accessible and the process was smooth and painless. During check-in, my luggage was taken aside until I was completed and I was offered a drink. They asked me about any needs I had while there and made sure I was aware of the hotel’s features. It was very nice to receive pleasant service without feeling like people were doing it for the purpose of expecting tips (which is the way I often feel at nicer hotels).

Park Hyatt Dubai

The Lobby and hallway leading to the rooms (from the hotel website)

I was soon escorted to my room. The hotel was much more spacious than I had thought it was from the website. The hotel portion has a few separate buildings, all connected by covered walkways, and four floors. The lobby is actually not located on the first floor (my memory fails me a bit, but I think it is on the third floor). It is quite a long walk to the rooms! Along the way, we passed some of the sitting areas and meeting spaces.

The Room

I had reserved a standard room. There are several room options available:

Within each class of room, there are additional options. I had selected a King edition of the Standard Room and it was more than comfortable. When it comes to the Suites, they have even more options – 5 total! For just me, the standard room was just fine.

Upon entering the room, there was the large bathroom area to my right. It had double sinks with folding divider that looked out into the room and through the bedroom windows, a large soaking tub, a walk-in shower, the toilet room, and a walk-in closet area. After walking into the room itself, it had a large television, workstation area, sitting area with end table and chairs and the king sized bed. The view looking out the windows was beautiful!

Waiting for me in the room was welcome basket of fruit, water, and a welcome note. There was a mini-bar/refrigerator that was covered in the wall to blend in with the woodwork. It was a great space to just kick back in and relax.

After I got settled in, room service brought me a complimentary bowl of almonds and a bottle of wine. Since I do not drink, I told them they could take it back. Instead, they offered me some pomegranate juice. The snacks hit the spot just right! I took them in for a nice long, relaxing soak to comfort my legs/stomach from the marathon. As I have mentioned before, bathtubs in a race hotel are very important to me 🙂 This tub was incredible! I did not want to get out (so, instead, I took three baths in it in my short 14 hours in the room!). 🙂

All-in-all, the room was great. If you want to read a review of what a suite is like, you can check out this past review from One Mile at a Time. I was very happy with my stay in my standard room and can only imagine that a suite would have been even nicer!

One thing I do need to mention is actually something that was a little embarrassing for me. I never have room service when I stay at hotels. The reason is just that I like my privacy and normally keep the room pretty tidy on my own. I know it might not make sense, but that is just how I am. This time, I had forgotten to put the Do Not Disturb sign before I went out to visit the Dubai Mall. I know I say I am normally tidy, but this time, I had just unpacked my bag and left the stuff on the bed to repack when I got back.

When I returned, housekeeping had already done the turndown and I found my clothes all nicely folded, laptop moved to the desk and plugged in – everything done just right! I felt really bad about leaving my belongings in a mess, but they certainly did a fantastic job!

Staying There

The Park Hyatt Dubai is a Category 5 hotel. That requires 20,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points per night (I booked it at the old rate of 18,000 points). If you go with Points & Cash, it takes 10,000 points and $125 per night. The cost per night ranges from $350 – $800 a night for a standard room. The night I stayed there, the rooms were going for about $450 a night which meant that I received a value of 2.5 cents per point. I normally would not use that many Hyatt points when traveling by myself, but I had heard some amazing things about this hotel so I thought it would be good to try it out for myself so I could recommend it for fellow runners heading to the Dubai Marathon.

If you choose to stay there, the best value may be going with a Points & Cash stay (if it is available). Either way, you are bound to love this place!


If you are visiting Dubai, this hotel should be on your list of where to stay. However, if you are planning on spending a lot of time in the city, this would not be your best choice given the distance away.

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  • kudos to not drinking. everytime i say I dont drink I get 20 million questions. we always get free wine or champagne but it goes wasted. never got a chance to refuse it since it’s always sitting in my room before I get there.