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Great Deals: One-Way Rental Car Deals From Anywhere in the US with Flat Rates

Written by Charlie

With fixed rates from anywhere in the US, here are some great one-way rental car deals! This is a great way to get around to avoid mass transportation areas

I know most of us are hunkered down in one place or another as we practice social distancing. However, there are many who are not “home” and many are trying to avoid airports and the confined space of airplanes. If this is you, or you just need a one-way rental car deal, here are some great deals for you.

One-Way Rental Car Deals All Over the US

We normally see such one-way rental car deals each year around this time for travel from Arizona or Florida – so rental companies can get their vehicles back from where snowbirds dropped them.

But, in light of the current events going on, rental car companies are making available one-way rental car deals with set prices. This represents hundreds of dollars in savings over what it would normally cost on one-ways. In fact, some of these prices in certain markets are even better than roundtrip rentals.

Not all companies are offering this but I will link below the ones that are. It should be noted as well that many companies are waiving the underage driver fee as well.

Great One-Way Rental Car Deals

This is how this works. The rates are set at specific amounts (the same for all the companies) based on the vehicle type. There will be facility charges, taxes, and fees on top of those as well but that is no different from normal.

  • Offer rates as low as $49.99 base rate per day and $199.99 base rate per week applies to
    • Economy Cars
    • Compact Cars
    • Intermediate Cars
    • Standard Cars
    • Full Size Cars
  • Offer rates as low as $52.99 base rate per day and $209.99 base rate per week applies to
    • Intermediate SUVs
    • Standard Pickups.
  • Offer rates as low as $54.99 base rate per day and $229.99 applies to
    • Standard SUVs
    • Minivans
    • Full Size Pickups
  • Can pick up and drop off at any participating location.
  • One day Minimum
  • Good for rentals from March 13 – April 30th, 2020
The Companies Offering These Car Rental Deals
  • National (remember that if you have elite status with National – very easy to get with certain credit cards – you can reserve a mid-size or full size and pick up a vehicle of a different category at the same price)
  • Alamo
  • Enterprise

At this time, the other major car rental companies are not offering this. But, the above three are good places to start.

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  • Just as an FYI… Enterprise owns the other 2 companies, that’s why their rates are all the same.