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One Way American Express Crushes The Competition

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Even though American Express loses to their competitors in some categories, this one area is one that Amex crushes their competition – and saves us a lot of money!

When it comes to a battle between American Express and other issuers like Chase and Citi, American Express has had many failings. Yes, their customer service on products like the Platinum cards is legendary and continues to be a great perk of the card but in other areas with some of their offerings, they have just not been able to keep up with their competitors. This is especially true when compared to Chase.

One Way American Express Crushes the Competition

However, there is one way that American Express crushes their competition and an offer on a Chase card this week just highlighted it.

Huge Value from Amex Offers

This one way is Amex Offers. These are special deals negotiated with American Express by many retailers and service providers that can be saved to a variety of American Express card for real, everyday savings on spending. Some of these offers give Membership Reward points instead of statement credits, which is always an awesome thing!

Amex offers

An example of the great Amex Offers we get

If you have followed the blog for any amount of time, you know I like to cover and post about the best of these offers. I do this because I check my Amex Offers at least once per day and it saves you from having to do that! I have personally saved hundreds of dollars – just this year – with Amex Offers and also picked up a bunch of Amex points in the process.

Get More From Amex Offers Than the Annual Fee Cost!

In fact, these Amex Offers have actually paid for all of my Amex annual fees every year, thanks to the savings I get from the cards. And, most of my purchases are for our family or friends so this is not me paying extra just to get a deal (though some have been for items I resold as well).

The Competition Shows Us How Good Amex Offers Really Are

To be honest, I think we take this huge card benefit for granted with American Express. I say this because of the excitement from the Hyatt deal this Monday that gives cardholders a $20 credit on a purchase of $50 or more at Whole Foods. This was a big deal from Hyatt as they sent out notices to bloggers but asked that it remain quiet until the launch Monday morning. I certainly appreciate the offer and hope we see more of these deals on the Hyatt card – as well as other Chase cards.

But, guess what? We have had multiple Whole Foods offers on Amex cards before, but for less. Not only that, but we have had offers like $10 back on $30 at other grocery stores and some even at better percentages than that. Amex Offers come out with consistently good offers quite often with the very best offers starting out somewhat targeted.


Yes, Bank of America and Citi offer some offers as well but no one does it with the consistency and amount that Amex does. We can definitely express disappointment in some things by Amex but their Amex Offers are a complete category winner and something that helps us consumers save millions of dollars. So, thank you, American Express, and keep them coming!

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  • Used the walmart $20 off $100 today, stacked it with first time buyer store code for another $10…great way to save on groceries and BEER (it was half my order) which is never discounted 30% off…then I submit the receipt to WM’s saver program will get any difference on my bill if found to be cheaper elsewhere that week.