One Great Way to Use The $9.99 Avis Airport Rentals To Save Money on Other Rentals

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Written by Charlie

Here is one way to take the $9.99 Avis airport rentals and save some big money for other rentals. If you need to rent a car for a few days or more, check this out!

After I wrote the post this morning about the $9.99 one way Avis rentals to/from airports, I really tried to see how I could use this for some upcoming trips. I found one way that actually could save someone a lot of money – if they can make the dates and airports work.

One Great Way to Use the $9.99 Avis Airport Rentals

Link: Post About $9.99 Avis Rentals

Actually, you can get them as low as $8.49 in base price if you pay ahead but all of the prices will have additional taxes and fees so I am going with Avis says.

There are some airport rental locations that charge a lot in taxes and fees to pay for the rental area, airport tax, and even some facility charges for things like stadiums. I remember the biggest sticker shock I had was when I was renting a car in Kansas City and saw the over $20 per day taxes and fees (is what it averaged out to).

Rent From Airport to Pickup in Off-Airport Location to Save On Fees

If you are renting a car for a week in some city like that, it could definitely be worth doing the one way car rental through Avis. When I was checking this all out with Kansas City as my test case, I saw that you can easily rent from one of the neighborhood locations and then drop it at the airport for no extra cost. So, that would be a great way to go.

$9.99 Avis

The cost of a week rental for an Intermediate class from Kansas City

$9.99 Avis

The cost for one week for the same car, picking up from an off-airport location and dropping at the airport one week later

So, here is what you would need:

  • Pick up the car from an airport on a Thursday or Friday
  • Drop it at one of the neighborhood locations
  • Have a reservation for that location
  • Return it to the airport (per your reservation)

In the case of Kansas City, this easily could save you $100 going through an extra step. Up to you if that is worth it, but that is a pretty great deal for me!

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  • This is a great idea. Sometimes (like at EWR) I’ll take a cab to an off airport location to avoid those huge fees on an airport rental.