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No-Fee Visa Waiver For US Travelers To Brazil [Other Travelers As Well]

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Great news for any US travelers to Brazil as they have issued a visa waiver for a few months this summer. Time to travel to Brazil!

This is great news for anyone wanting to visit Brazil this year – for the Olympics or otherwise. Brazil has a fee in place that makes travelers with US passports to have to pay $160 for a visa. This is good for 10 years, but still it is not a price that many wish to pay if they are going once . I have done this in the past and it is certainly not very pleasant to have to pay!

No-Fee Visa Waiver For US Travelers To Brazil [Other Travelers As Well]

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You will now be able to fly to Brazil without paying for the painful visa – for a few month period!

I was hoping and wondering if Brazil would waive that fee for the period of the Olympics to encourage more tourists from countries like the US and they have done that! Not only that, but they have waived the need for the visa for tourist reasons for travel from June 1 – September 18, 2016 which covers more than just the dates of the Olympics.

They have extended the visa waiver to passport holders of the United States, Japan, Australia, and Canada – countries that Brazil  says are countries “with a strong Olympic tradition, which have hosted the Games in the past and pose no migration risk or national security risks, for the duration of the Olympics.” – Rio de Janiero News Certainly good news for all tourists from those countries!

What To Know:

  • Visa waiver in place from June 1 – September 18
  • No Olympic tickets will be necessary to gain visa waiver
  • Valid for citizens of US, Canada, Japan, and Australia

Brazil is having some economic struggles so it would be a place that should be fairly cheap to visit and your visit would be a help to their economy. Another reason this waiver is great is because there have been some pretty good mileage run deals to Brazil in the past and now you don’t have to figure the cost of a visa into the mileage run. Just plan your mileage run to take place between June 1 – September 18, but be warned that tickets may be higher around the Olympics and not really mileage run material.

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  • “[…] it is certainly not very pleasant to have to pay! […]”

    The USA charges for visa-waved countries too, so please don’t complain. I strongly support a reciprocity fee for US passports entering Schengen like South American countries introduced years ago

    • I know “we” do and that is not pleasant either! It is a complaint that can go both ways. I certainly do not hold it against countries for requiring a reciprocity fee to me as an American but I also don’t have to enjoy paying it. 🙂