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Video: Turkish Airlines Shows Off Their New 787 Dreamliner & New Photos of the New Business Class

turkish airlines 787 dreamliner
Written by Charlie

Turkish Airlines released a video of the new Turkish Airlines 787 Dreamliner in economy and some new photos of the business class cabin. This plane will be flying routes soon!

Turkish Airlines is getting ready to let their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner to take flight in the coming weeks and they used the week of the Paris Air Show to do a walkthrough video of what this new aircraft looks like.

Video: Turkish Airlines Shows Off Their New 787 Dreamliner

I will say, I have always enjoyed flying Turkish Airlines in economy. Their meals are pretty good and the flight attendants have always been wonderful. Even the seats themselves were not that bad.

But, this new economy cabin does look like it will be even more comfortable. I will likely be flying it in economy several times in the next couple of years (not always business class here!) so I am looking forward to trying it out.

Though Turkish chose to not show their new business class cabin (which is a major upgrade for the airline) in this video but they did give a couple of teasing photos of the cabin. We already saw what they released months ago but this shows us what it looks like in the plane.

new turkish airlines 787 dreamliner

I am really excited to try out the new Turkish Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner in business class for myself! I have a flight booked for September on it and will definitely be giving my thoughts on it when I am done!

To see the information on the first routes getting the new Turkish Airlines Dreamliner in the US, check out this post.

Featured image from Turkish Airlines

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  • Thanks @Charlie for these photos! I noticed in the one photo if you enlarge you can make the seat numbers out. Comparing that to the seat chart it is easy enough to figure out the configuration of the best seats for travel. The last row is business shows they are “married”. Go to the seat map and you will see this is row 7, seats 7E/7F. So odd # rows in the middle are indeed going to be your “married” seats. Now look at the same picture (blow it up) and you will see actual seat #’s 6K and 7K. 6K is a window seat with the seat right next to the window. So even # row window seats are going to be your most private seats.