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New TripIt Updates Bring New Features to iPad and Alerts for Airline Compensation

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Written by Charlie

TripIt has brought some great new updates to their iPad app and they now have alerts in-app for airline compensation for delayed or cancelled flights!

I am a big fan of TripIt for many reasons (post on exactly why coming soon!) but one of the big ones for me this year is how they continue to push to take advantage of technology and ease travel all within a simple app.

New TripIt Updates Bring New Features to iPad and Alerts for Airline Compensation

Link: TripIt

The app itself and the ability to add trip plans is free, but they also have a Pro version ($49 per year or $39 with this special link) that opens up a lot of cool features of the app to help with keeping up with your travel plans even more.

New Features for the iPad App

new tripit app

The flight details on the upgraded TripIt app for iPad

Today, they are announcing the upgrade to their iPad app that will certainly help with travel planning. Here is what they have to say about this new series of upgrades:

TripIt’s newly revamped iPad app includes an updated look and additional functionality designed to make it even easier to navigate the TripIt app. Enhancements include a new editing tool, additional ways to share your travel plans with others, the ability to store travel documents and more features (most of which were previously available in iPhone only). With this iPad update, travelers can:

  • Add Plans with New iOS 11 Drag-and-Drop
    • iPad users can now drag and drop items from Calendar, Maps, Safari, Contacts and Photos into their TripIt account. Using the iPads multitasking mode, travelers can search for a restaurant, hotel, or other points of interest – then drag a selected item and drop it into TripIt. Calendar invites, photos, and contacts can also instantly be added to any trip.
  • Look Up Travel Plans with Spotlight Search
    • Travelers who want to look up their travel plans can now access current or past trips from Spotlight search. Spotlight search can be used to look up a hotel they visited, or check when their flight takes off, for all current and upcoming trips as well as the previous 30 trips added to their TripIt account
  • Get Where They’re Going, Faster
    • Popular TripIt features that were once only available on mobile phones are now available on the iPad. Travelers can easily find how to get from point A to point B with the Navigator tool, and quickly find ATMs and points of interest while traveling with Nearby Places.
    • TripIt Pro users will be able to use Go Now, a feature that tells travelers when it’s time to leave for the airport, from their iPads. If they are using their iPad while on a trip, they’ll also receive helpful terminal and gate reminders.

iOS 9 or higher is required to access the new iPad update. To use the new drag-and-drop capabilities, users must have an iOS 11 enabled iPad that supports drag and drop.

new tripit feature

So, this update is only for iOS 11 users with iPads, sorry, Android users. 🙂 Still, if you have an iPad, this is a pretty great upgrade. I just this year began using an iPad as my mobile blogging machine and being able to easily create trip plans like this from multiple sources will now be great. I am looking forward to getting into it some more!

Alerts for Compensation Eligibility

If you have ever had a delay or cancellation on flights involving the EU, chances are you may have wondered if you were eligible for compensation under the EU law 261. This allows for passengers to seek and receive compensation for certain delayed flights in getting you to your destination and cancellations.

Airlines, of course, do not like to pay out cash for things like this so they will not just outright send you the money. It can take some pushing. There are agencies who will do that pushing for you, in exchange for keeping a percentage of the money.

TripIt has partnered with one of these agencies, AirHelp, to now include built-in notifications regarding compensation eligibility. Now, if you have a relevant flight delayed or cancelled, TripIt will notify you of the compensation potential and you can click right then to get started.

This is a great feature for many users, but especially for those that may not be aware of their rights. This new feature is available to all TripIt users, not just TripIt Pro customers.

As one who frequently travels in and through the EU, I expect I may have an opportunity to try this out at some point!

I am not paid by nor do I receive anything for free from TripIt or Concur. I am simply a big fan and love sharing their developments with you!

Featured image of the updated TripIt iPad app

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