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New TripIt Features Make It Even More an All-In-One Solution for Travel

Written by Charlie

The latest TripIt features add even more integration into the app for travelers while also letting you set your personal risk level for safer travel.

Numbers on travel are slowly ticking up as the holidays approach, in spite of climbing virus numbers in places around the US and the world. Judging by recent domestic US flights, there are certainly more packed planes than earlier in the year as well. If you are part of the public that is taking to the skies, roads, or rails, these new TripIt features may be of some interest to you.

New TripIt Features Include More Ways to Organize

TripIt and TripIt Pro (see this post for the differences) continue to add benefits and value to their travel app. This has made TripIt the travel app for those that want everything in one place. But, they never rest on their strong feature set but instead are always working to improve on it, in part by listening and responding to their users. Here are the latest features that answer that call.

New Documents Feature

Today, TripIt introduces Documents which they say is their most frequently requested feature. This will now allow users to upload hotel/car folios, tour itineraries, recommended places to visit, and any other document that the traveler feels is necessary for their trip. This could even include things like travel insurance, etc.

To go further with this, it means you can now upload your boarding pass and mobile passport QR code screenshots, rail tickets and PDFs so that you can quickly and easily access all of this information offline. For those traveling internationally without access to cellular (this is one of the reasons you should explore Google Fi!), this can be a huge help. In fact, even if you do have international data, it can still be helpful as I have found that you should not always rely on your data plans right after landing or in some airports!

Personalize Your Risk Level

One of the features TripIt had added in the last couple of years or so was the Neighborhood Safety Scores. This can be a huge help when visiting a new city to see which areas may be the best and safest to visit. Now, you can set your own personal risk level so you can make sure you are automatically notified when a location you plan on visiting crosses that threshold.

In TripIt’s example, this will help in situations like if your upcoming dinner reservation is in a neighborhood that is above your acceptable risk level at night. This gives you a heads up so that you may choose to take a ride to that location instead of walking or maybe public transportation.

Bottom Line

TripIt has not let this travel slowdown slow them down in improving the app for their customers. Just when you think it cannot do more to be an all-in-one travel solution, they add something extra that shows that they are listening and want their app to be on every traveler’s phone. If you don’t have it yet, you need it!

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