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The New, Simple Way to Get American Express Referral Links

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Written by Charlie

Find out how to get American Express referral links and earn even more points throughout the year from your cards! It is quick and simple!


One of the best reasons to hold on to American Express cards (besides for the Amex Offers) would have to be for the referral bonuses. This year alone, my wife and I have already received over 300,000 points across various Amex cards from referrals (and helped many readers here with posting their links as well).

The New, Simple Way to Get American Express Referral Links

While many do not like the new American Express website, there is one feature of their new site that was made much more efficient and that was the way to get American Express referral links. Here is how you can do it – quickly and easily!

Step 1 – Login

Once you login to your American Express account, you will be greeted with the card that you had chosen as your default for display. If that is not the card you want the referral offer for, you can simply click the correct card at the top right of the page or My Accounts to see them all.

Step 2 – Look Down

get American Express Referral Links

Login, select your card, and look down for this section

Below the information about your spending and pending amounts, you will see the bar that says Refer Friends. Get Rewarded. Just click on the Refer Now button.

Step 3 – Grab Your Link

get American Express referral links

Look to the bottom for your personalized Amex referral link!

While in the past you needed to send your link to someone (or yourself), you can now grab a personalized link right in this section! This is great to take quickly and share on social media (or on your favorite blog – if they allow it). It is just that simple!

I have noticed that Amex has been much quicker in getting updated offers into their referral channels as well, like with the American Express Hilton Surpass offer I wrote about this morning. This is so much quicker than the old way and you do not need to even wait on an e-mail now!


Making things for streamlined for consumers is a great way to improve relationships. Given how great American Express referral offers are for members, this new and improved way to get links will certainly help their own customers to reach out and bring in more customers – while easily rewarding their existing customers. Win-win!

While I do allow readers to leave referral links, please leave the appropriate link on the post that is talking about that offer. Do not leave your referral links on this post as it will clutter it up.

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