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New JetBlue Schedule Extension – All The Way into Spring, 2021

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Written by Charlie

The 2021 JetBlue schedule just got a big push deeper into 2021. This means you now have almost 300 days of booking room with JetBlue, including many popular travel times.

With 2020 being a total bust for most with air travel, many are already looking forward to 2021. JetBlue’s latest schedule extension will help those that love flying the blue airline (and that includes me!) as they have now extended their schedule in one of the longer extensions in recent months.

New JetBlue Schedule Extension Until April, 2021

The new JetBlue schedule rolled out yesterday allowing passengers to book travel all the way until April 27, 2021. That means you have 281 days from today to book travel on JetBlue.

This opens up Valentine’s Day travel, Presidents’ Day travel, and Spring Break. Since JetBlue sales do not cover holiday travel timeframes, the best shot at getting a good price on travel for those holidays is right now.

Another date it opens up is the Boston Marathon 2021. However, this will be tough to plan on at this point due to the fact that the registration window has not opened yet. The good news is that all qualifying times that were good for 2020 will still be able to be used for 2021. If you want to plan ahead, just make sure you cleared the window by a good amount since some that qualified still didn’t get in.

So, get booking! I always enjoy flying JetBlue from the great treatment onboard as well as the comfortable seats and live TV entertainment. I know I am not alone in that!

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