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Amex Gets Their Way With the New Platinum Card

new American Express Platinum
Written by Charlie

The new American Express Platinum metal card is here and with it brings a new generation of the premium card to the market. Is this what Amex needed?


As I wrote when the news came out about the refresh to the American Express Platinum card – the Platinum card used to be somewhat of a status symbol with no-credit-line, high annual fee, elite perks and more. But, with the advent of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, it showed all those interested in credit cards just how dated the American Express Platinum card was in terms of earning, travel credits, and, yes, looks.

Amex Gets Their Way With the New American Express Platinum Metal Card

American Express has had a rough last couple of years between losing customers and co-branded partners. They took a slower approach to attracting customers their way, in contrast to Chase’s huge push with the Chase Sapphire Reserve (which cost Chase a bundle of money). With this slower approach, they have no problems signaling that the card churner is of no interest to them and they are interested in the development of long-term, loyal customers instead.

The New American Express Platinum Metal Card

First, they added some benefits to their personal Platinum card and the business Platinum card. Then, last month, they added some new benefits to the personal Platinum card while hiking the annual fee $100, presumably to cover things like the $200 in Uber credit and the added point earning on hotels through

Yes, the “METAL” Card

But, one of the most-talked about changes was the new metal design. By midnight of the 30th of March, there were already many current Platinum customers sending messages to American Express to request this new American Express Platinum metal card. Now, the new metal card is dropping into the hands of current and new customers this week and there are many posts being written about this new metal card.

In fact, if you were to look at traditional news outlets, you will see that even they are covering this new metal American Express metal card. And, many of them are doing it with excitement about the new look and feel. Not only that, but there are numerous blog posts and even YouTube videos, showing the unboxing of the new American Express Platinum metal card.

Amex Platinum Is A Cool Card Again

Yes, the American Express Platinum card is cool again. Not only that, but there are many cardholders that will undoubtedly be whipping it out for a while to pay for things, kind of like using a brand new iPhone a day after its release. “Oh, wow, what kind of card is this?!?” This helps American Express regain some of the luster that they enjoyed, pretty much by themselves, for so many years with the Platinum card. Not only that, but if cardholders want it to be seen, they are most likely using it to pay for things – without caring that it may only earn 1 point per dollar on whatever they are buying. I know that is not any of us but Amex has already let it be known that they are not too interested in us. 🙂

Personally, I think metal cards are cool but really not that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things. It certainly is not a reason to pony up $550 per year. But, at least American Express is pulling attention and, potentially, marketshare of the premium card market back their way from Chase and this is what they really want, even it if takes metal to do it.

How do you feel about the new American Express Platinum card?

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  • I don’t user Uber, I use Lyft. I don’t fly Delta – there goes lounge access. I find the Centurion Lounges to be overcrowded and dirty in the late afternoon so I typically avoid them. the $200 airline credit is nice, except that they don’t remind you to update your choice so I’m stuck with an airline I’m barely flying this year. Priority Pass lounges can be hit or miss, but in general they are a miss where I travel. When I come up renewal, Amex will know how I feel about these “enhancements”, but they will not give a damn. Metal cards aren’t a requirement in my book either.

  • My new metal is so pretty! Too bad I won’t be using it. I will show it off to my friend, but that’s it. I won’t be earning less so I can show off my card. My goal is to travel in style not to use my card in style.

  • Received my replacement metal card yesterday. Definitely takes the cake in terms of look & feel, and is a real gem of a card (physically). Unfortunately for Amex, the CSR’s 3X points on restaurants (and $300 unrestricted annual travel credit and somewhat better group of UR point redemption partners) mean the CSR is what I keep/use daily from my wallet.

  • The new metal card changed my life! I’ll never be the same again. Thank you, Amex. Thank you.

  • I like the 5X points on hotels and 200 Uber credit. I believe now guests at the lounge clubs are free to accompany, which I thought was stupid I had to pay $29 for my companion. If you sign up with Delta Dinning and tie it to your Amex, you can get 5 miles per dollar and one point per dollar. You will be earning 6 miles per dollar, if your into maximizing miles. Other airlines of the same program. There’s Delta Shopping also. Back to the Platuim: good improvements.

  • Who was the new spoke person they hired. Was a rapper or something. Was all these changes his ideas? Haven’t really gained that much to offset the additional $100. Will revaluation in November to see if I can justify 1 more year. A 2x restaurant or gas would be better than Uber

  • A metal card? Who cares? Give us category spend bonuses to make it top of wallet. As it is, it’s a card for signup bonus and then relegated to the drawer to gather dust. Only a tool gives a damn if a card is metal or not.

  • I rack up a ton of points using it for business I would like to get cash back like my BOA card gives at a straight rate of 1 penny per point.