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New 25% Amex Transfer Bonus to JetBlue – Good Through November

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Written by Charlie

Amex has released a new transfer bonus to JetBlue – a 25% transfer bonus. Find out the details and if this is a good transfer bonus to take advantage of.

There is a new Amex transfer bonus out this month that could help you if you want to take advantage of sale fares on JetBlue or to use for things like JetBlue’s Mint cabin.

New 25% Amex Transfer Bonus to JetBlue

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Link: 25% Amex Transfer Bonus

This transfer bonus evens out Membership Reward points to JetBlue points since you are normally at a disadvantage when transferring them over. Here are the details of this transfer bonus:

  • Get a 25% bonus when transferring points
  • Transfer 250:250 in 250 point increments
  • Transfer bonus valid through 11/30/2017
  • For each conversion of points into the Frequent Flyer program of a U.S. airline, a fee of $0.0006 per point, with a maximum fee of $99, will be charged to your Card account


As with all point transfers, you should make sure you have a trip idea in mind when you spring for the transfer. The reason is that award devaluations do occur, sometimes without warning. Also, miles can expire in various programs if there is no activity for a certain amount of time.

That being said, these transfer bonuses are a nice chance to get more bang for your points when you take advantage of them. With the JetBlue transfer, you are essentially getting a 1.5 – 2.3 cent value on your Membership Reward points, depending on the flights you book. There are better options out there but if you fly JetBlue a lot, this could be helpful.

Featured image is JetBlue’s Mint class, courtesy of

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