Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Master List of 2023 Black Friday Deals on Tech, Travel Gear, Running Gear, and More!

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Written by Charlie

This regularly updated list will give you the best Black Friday deals for 2023 from Amazon with tech, travel gear, running gear and more!

Welcome to the Master List of 2023 Black Friday Deals for all things tech, travel tech, and running gear! This list will be kept updated throughout the day and enjoy the new format and layout to help you see the deals easier!

Master List of 2023 Black Friday Deals

This page will be updated throughout the day so bookmark it and check back – it is even being updated as you read this now!

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Amazon Devices

Please note that if you have an older Amazon device, you can visit this page first to start a trade-in to get a 20% discount off many of these items. Of course, you won’t get the discount until after they evaluate it but Amazon has applied it after so you can order now and try to apply the 20% off code through a chat later.

Anker Power Devices

I have a ton of Anker power devices and they are great for all kinds of electronics. I have them in my travel gear, office, home, and car and use them to power my tablet, watch, phone, computer – anything that I charge while on the road.

Also, they make portable video projectors. I have had (and used) one for years and it is awesome! Best portable projector I have ever used! The one that is the size of a soda can (Anker Nebula Capsule) is on sale for $239 while a larger, more powerful projector is on sale for $449, $250 off list price (Anker Nebula Cosmos).

Noise Cancelling Headphones and Earbuds

This section is really a competitive one and there are some seriously great deals here. I have used/owned most of the ones on this list so I can certainly offer some perspective on great deals.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 is a good deal at $70 off, but that is the sale price normally. The Bose QuietComfort 45 is at their lowest price ever. The Apple AirPods Max are on sale as well but not at a deeper discount than normal sales and, honestly, I don’t think they are worth even this price right now. There should be new ones coming next year that will hopefully address some shortcomings with these as well as adding USB C for charging. The Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen are at a nice discount, especially since these just came out this year. Nothing incredible about them over the older ones except they got USB C charging.

On the earbud front, my current favorite noise cancelling earbuds are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. These are on sale for a great price and they work incredibly well while having some great customization in the app.

No products found.

Black Friday Deals on Smarwatches

Next we come to one of my favorite categories – smartwatches! Of course, I am mainly talking about GPS watches but I did not want to leave out things like some FitBit watches and their deals with that title.

I am a huge fan of Garmin watches but have recently become a fan of Coros watches as well. I know that many like FitBit as well as many more that like Apple Watches so here you go with all the Black Friday deals on smartwatches!

Black Friday Deals on Luggage

There are a variety of deals today for luggage. If you need some new luggage, there are great deals to be had for the super cheap up to the more expensive with lifetime guarantees.

Black Friday Deals on Cameras

Whether it is an outdoor activity or your travels, it is always nice to capture some of the memories in photo or video. While smartphones are amazing for that, it is also a nice idea to have a dedicated camera with you to do what your smartphone may not be able to do – like fly in the sky!


On this list is the Google Pixel lineup, including just recently released models. Google Pixel smartphones are amazing with what Google has built in and they work seamlessly with Google Fi for international travel. With certain features like magic eraser to get rid of annoying things in your photos (like tourists 🙂), it can definitely help in capturing more realistic imagines while out and about.

  • Google Pixel Smartphones – up to 28% Off


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