The Running List of Marathons Canceled or Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Written by Charlie

Here is a complete and running list of the big/popular marathons canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Keep checking back as it updates with more information.

This is a continually updated and running list of marathons canceled or postponed due to coronavirus. Check back frequently for further updates and information from race directors as to how the registrations are being handled.

Running List of Marathons Canceled or Postponed Due to Coronavirus

I have a post here that I have been updating with cancellations and postponements (and will continue to since it is always being searched for) but it was getting a bit crowded over there. So, here is a table of the big/popular marathons that have been canceled or postponed so far. Very few have been canceled in early-mid May as organizers wait for guidance from their governments and health directors as to the viability of still putting the race on.

At this point, those marathons are at least 8 weeks off so it is likely they could still run but most runners are not deep into a program just yet. If your marathon is not on the list, let me know in the comments and bookmark this post for future updates!

MarathonOriginal DateNew Date
Barcelona MarathonMarch 15October 25
NYC Half MarathonMarch 15Canceled for 2020
Jerusalem MarathonMarch 20November 6
Washington DC MarathonMarch 28TBD
St. Louis MarathonMarch 29Canceled for 2020
Knoxville MarathonMarch 29TBD
Rome MarathonMarch 29Canceled for 2020
Bratislava MarathonApril 5September 6
San Francisco MarathonApril 5TBD
Rotterdam MarathonApril 5TBD
Manchester MarathonApril 5TBD
Paris MarathonApril 5October 18
Milan MarathonApril 5TBD
Santiago MarathonApril 19September 6
Vienna City MarathonApril 19Canceled for 2020
Boston MarathonApril 20September 14
Illinois MarathonApril 25TBD
Zurich MarathonApril 26TBD
London MarathonApril 26October 4
Madrid MarathonApril 26November 15
Belgrade MarathonApril 26October 18
Eugene MarathonApril 26TBD
Toledo MarathonApril 26Canceled for 2020
Oklahoma City MarathonApril 26October 4
Big Sur MarathonApril 26TBD
Orange County MarathonMay 3Canceled (may be held in the fall - TBD)
Pittsburgh MarathonMay 3Canceled for 2020
Cincinnati MarathonMay 3October 11
Toronto MarathonMay 3Canceled for 2020
Prague MarathonMay 3Postponed - TBA
Vancouver MarathonMay 3Canceled for 2020
Fargo MarathonMay 9August 29
Helsinki MarathonMay 16TBD
Great Wall of China MarathonMay 16Canceled for 2020
Grandma's MarathonJune 20Canceled for 2020
What Should You Do if Your Marathon is Canceled or Postponed?

Also, I will be working on putting together the various terms as to what marathons are offering registered runners. Some are automatically carrying the registration over to the postponed date or next year while some are only giving discounts to next year’s race. I understand this is difficult for marathon organizers, especially the smaller ones. It may take a little while before they are able to decide what they can do for registered runners.

I have a whole other post on what you should do if your marathon is canceled or postponed – here. But, keep in mind that at this point, airlines are not giving much flexibility for dates off in May if you purchased before March. So, just keep checking this post for that information as well as I will be doing posts on that and linking them here.

No matter what, KEEP RUNNING!

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  • Thanks for the list Charlie.
    One more the list….The Orange County Marathon in California is still scheduled for May 3, 2020.

    • Thanks for updating us at every point in time for the cancellation or postponed marathon… Hannover marathon organizer are still assuming with the date 26th of April that the marathon will take place.

  • Hi Charlie, I am training for the Dallas Memorial Day Half Marathon (May 25). It’s not a big event, but I wonder if it’s still on. I haven’t been able to contact anybody to find our. Would you know?

  • This site is meant to discuss marathons, but a lot of half marathons and 10-K races and other organized runs, competitive or recreational have been cancelled too.
    Here in NY there has been a tradition with certain races. There is the NYC Women’s Mini Marathon (10-K) which is going to be cancelled for the first time in its history. When it first began, reportedly only some 72 women showed up to participate. It then progressively became a popular all-women’s run and throughout the past few decades thousands of women show up to participate. When the Corona virus issue arose sometime in February 2020 it seemed that maybe the organizers of the NY Women’s Mini Marathon would do what the organizers of the Tokyo Marathon (2020) did and only allow elite runners to participate. It would have been an odd irony. Then there might have been fewer runners than there were when the Women’s Mini Marathon was first held sometime in the early 1970s.

    MY best guess is that the famed NYC Marathon will be cancelled for the second time in its history. The first time was when Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. The only other option is that the race will only have competitive elite athletes . Probably the same for the 2020 Boston Marathon ( which was postponed until September or October of 2020) . It is NOT likely that marathons and other foot races will return to “normal” anytime soon in which thousands of runners run a certain marathon course. Probably only elites will be allowed to participate if any race is held at all.

    It is interesting with the Olympics: Reportedly they will be cancelled until next year 2021. However then what? Regarding the “timing” I wonder if the following Olympic games ( if they are held at all) will be held in 2025 so as to keep up the “four-year ” gap between games, or if the next games will be held in 2024 so as to keep the original “rhythm” of having the games occur on years that end with an even number ( or usually). Anyone care to guess?