Delta Employee Arrested For Fraudulently “Giving” Delta Tickets Away

We know it is better to give than to receive, but that is really contingent on you giving what actually belongs to you. Of course, with many airline programs, you can book award tickets for friends and family members with your own miles – and that is a very generous thing to do. Most flight attendants will also allow you to give your complimentary upgrade seat to a friend or family member traveling on the same flight. Again, a generous gesture on your part!

But, what you cannot do is use your position as an employee at an airline as way to give free tickets and upgrades to friends and family members. That is theft and is exactly what this man is accused of doing. He, allegedly, used his access to the Delta system to issue ticket vouchers worth $54,000, airline tickets worth $21,000, and upgrade certificates worth $2,100. These various instruments were spread over 65 transactions spanning a two year period.

Source: Sun Sentinel

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    • Seriously clickbait.

      “Delta Employee Arrested for Fraudulently Giving Free Tickets to Friend and Family”

      • I agree, much better. Believe it or not, it is hard sometimes to come up with titles that are not overly long and boring yet still provide information. Thanks for adding to the discussion with that! If you look through my posts, I really do strive to not just throw click-bait titles (just not my style) and do appreciate others giving better insight.

        • much, much better. I thought it was a horror story about a FF and sharing of rewards tickets. thanks.

          • Thanks for checking back in. It is sometimes easier for me to write a 1,000 word post than it is to find the right title that fits both space and description without sounding like clickbait. Obviously, I had failed with this one!