Last Day: Bluffworks Sale Up to 25% Off My Favorite Travel Clothes

Written by Charlie

Today is the last day to get my favorite clothes for travel and everday! The Bluffworks line is on sale sitewide for up to 25% off and there are some great deals!

Over the past couple of years, I have become a huge fan of Bluffworks clothes. These things are just great for travel and everyday use! In fact, pretty much every day has me wearing at least one Bluffworks garment or, like today, I am sporting three different pieces of Bluffworks clothes!

Bluffworks Holiday Sale

Link: Bluffworks Sale (these are affiliate links that support the site – thanks for the support!) | Bluffworks Sale for Women

This is the last day for the Bluffworks Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday sale! With discounts up to 25% off a bunch of clothes, this a good sale! There are several pieces of clothes on sale today that were not even around last year – that includes the items from the women’s line!

I had even bought some additional things with this sale as well!

Here are some of the items you will find on sale (along with my reviews):

  • Ascender Chinos – Sale price $88 – regular price $125 – Review
  • Piton Polo Shirt – Sale price $47 – regular price $68 – Review
  • Threshold Performance T-Shirt – Sale price $36 – regular price $45 – Review
  • Departure Jeans – Sale price $78 – regular price $98 – Review
  • Field Jacket – Sale price $250 – regular price $350
    • I actually don’t have a review of this done yet – I am still putting it through its paces. I can tell you this – it is an awesome jacket that has worked in a variety of weather types. I love it! Best jacket I have ever owned, which it should be at $350 and I think it is a great deal at $250!
My Favorite Bluffworks Clothes

This is a difficult one because I have not had a Bluffworks product yet that I don’t like but here is a look at some of my favorites that I wear all the time.

The Bluffworks Ascender Chinos

Link: On Sale for $93 – Available in Multiple Colors

The Bluffworks Dress Shirts

Link: On Sale for $73 and $83 – Available in Multiple Designs

I have the Meridian and just ordered the Zenith and expect them to be just as good as the Meridian. These are really fantastic for traveling since they never wrinkle for me!

The Bluffworks Piton Polo

Link: On Sale for $51 – Available in Multiple Colors

I used to wear Under Armour polos exclusively but now have three Bluffworks Piton polo shirts that I rotate through most of the time – and they hold up very well!

The Bluffworks Departure Jeans

Link: On Sale for $83 – Available in Blue and Black

It had been year since I had worn jeans but now wear the Departure Jeans on a regular basis because it doesn’t feel like actual jeans but I still have all the great pockets.

The Bluffworks Gramercy Suit

Link: On Sale for $355 – Available in Three Colors

I wear a suit quite often and now the one I wear all the time is the Gramercy suit. Very comfortable and perfect for travel.

The Bluffworks Field Jacket

Link: On Sale for $250 – Available in Two Colors

Lastly, my latest Bluffworks gear – the Field Jacket. It has started to get cold and this jacket is just amazing for weather like that! With plenty of pockets and a perfect fit, this is my all-time favorite jacket!

If you have a traveler in your life, Bluffworks clothes will quickly become their favorite so check out some as gift ideas! If they don’t fit, Bluffworks has an easy and quick return/exchange program so you are all set with that.

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