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Last Chance! American Express Delta Card Made from Boeing 747 + Big Mile Offers

Written by Charlie

This is the last chance to apply for and get the limited-time American Express Delta card made from a Boeing 747! This is a really cool card – plus it comes with a bunch of miles!

It is not uncommon for blogs and websites to say “Last Chance” when a card offer is set to expire. We normally do see them come back at that amount (or higher) again so it ends up not being the last chance. But, we don’t know for sure at the time.

Last Chance! American Express Delta Card Made from Boeing 747

However, this is truly the last chance to get this American Express Delta card made from a Boeing 747! This was a truly limited time offer when it came out and then they restricted it to only new cardmembers. Now, it is set to expire. I have no idea if they will ever bring it back again. Given the free marketing they got around it, I wouldn’t be surprised but it was called a limited time run this time, so, who knows!

Here is a post about the making of the card and the link for the video showing how they make it

Along with this being the last chance to apply for this limited edition Delta Reserve card, it is also the last full day (they expire August 3) to get these increased Delta card offers. Below is the original post about this card and the offers:

In a credit card space where many people care about the material and color of their cards (think about the metallic cards over the years and cards like the Amex rose gold Gold card), American Express has come up with a new tact for getting people interested in a card. They already have one card that is made from recycled plastic (the Amex Green card – get it?) and now they have one that is made from a Boeing 747.

If you want to offer something unique and you want hype around it, make it limited and for a limited time. Amex is following that play book because this card is only available to Delta Skymiles Reserve and Reserve Business American Express card members. As for the scarcity of the offer, it is only available from June 16 to August 3.

This is available to new cardmembers (if you want one, check out both cards available here through this personal referral link – thank you!) as well as current cardholders. Just check in on your account and request a new card and pick this one.

This unique credit card is made from 25% metal from Delta #6307, a retired Boeing 747-400. In addition to being made from this, it also has a special design on the card.

This type of thing may even entice some Amex customers who have already had this card in the past (which means they would not be eligible to get the bonus again) to upgrade from a current Delta card or even apply again! With a fee of $550, that obviously won’t be a path for everyone!

Getting the American Express Delta Reserve Cards

Link: Delta American Express cards (though personal referral link – thank you!)

There are some special Reserve offers available right now, that you can also get from personal referral offers like this one. To get to the offer, select “View all Cards with a Referral Offer” in the top left of the screen. From there, just select Personal cards or Business cards and look for the Delta Reserve card.

The Delta Reserve offer for personal cards

The offer for the Delta Reserve business card

Now, these offers do not come with Medallion Qualifying Miles like they normally do! But, they both come with 100,000 miles or 110,000 miles which are worth at least 1 cent per point. That easily will get you back your money on the annual fee.

What If You Want the Boeing 747 but Not a New Credit Card?

Fortunately, there is a place called Aviationtag which sells tags made from airplanes – and that includes the Boeing 747 by various carriers! Check it out here as they are somewhat reasonably priced, much cheaper than a credit card annual fee! 🙂


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