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Pic of the Week: Lighting Strike at Thessaloniki Airport

Written by Charlie

This is a pic of the week from my archives – a lightning strike at an airport in Greece. It was a HUGE bolt as you can see from the airplanes on the ground!

I have been going through my travel photos and realizing that I have some ones that I would really like to share so I will pick one every so often, maybe once a week, maybe a little less often, and feature it here. Hope you like this one!

My Pic of the Week: Lighting Strike at Thessaloniki Airport

My buddy Andy, of Andy’s Travel Blog, is the one that had inspired this idea with his Pictures of the Week. He is a far better photographer than I am so definitely give his series a look for some truly awesome photos!

These pictures will not necessarily be ones that were taken from the week prior – in fact, it may be a while before that is the case since I have a lot of photos I want to work through! I remembered this one because it was one that recently popped up in my Apple Photos (love that feature!) and I wanted to share it.

This photo is from August of 2021 and was taken from a balcony in Thessaloniki about 5 miles from the Thessaloniki International Airport (northern Greece). There was a huge lighting storm that night and I could have taken my pick of lightning but really wanted to get something over the city and airport so I just kept ticking off photos in that direction and the one that I captured below is the one that I got from it!

This immense lightning bolt struck at the Thessaloniki Airport and an Instagram friend works on the ramp at the airport. She said that she wasn’t there that night but did have her airport car hit by a lightning storm not too long before that so it was something interesting for her to see from outside the airport!

Lightning strike at the Thessaloniki International Airport

If you really zoom in, you can see the airplanes parked. There are a few A320 aircraft so you can get an idea of how huge this lightning bolt is! I missed focus a bit on the airport so it isn’t as sharp as I wanted but still gives a really cool look at quite a scene! Hope you enjoy it!

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