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Get Real-Time Language Translation for Less with the New Google Earbuds for Pixel Phones

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Written by Charlie

If you own, or will be buying, a Google Pixel phone, you already have the most expensive part of an awesome language translation system that will get you by in languages around the world! Now, you can get the other part of that system for a much lower price than you would have paid before and get ready to communicate!

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Earlier this year, I wrote about how the Google Pixel phones have an awesome feature on them that make them a huge tool for international travel – seamless language translation. It is accomplished using a Pixel phone (original, Pixel 2 or the new Pixel 3 phones) and the Google Pixelbuds and allows you to talk to someone back and forth in their native language. Perfect for getting directions or making friends while traveling!

New Google Earbuds Makes Language Translation with Pixel Phones Cheaper

Link: Google Earbuds for USB-C – $30 (currently only in white but supposed to be coming in black as well)

The biggest problem for many Pixel phone owners was that Google charged a premium for their wireless Pixelbuds – and they weren’t that good. I got them to try them out but I do not use them for anything but language translation since there are a ton of other, better bluetooth options than those. The fit wasn’t great, the design wasn’t great and many were hoping that the recent Google announcements would include updated Pixelbuds.

Unfortunately, those were not announced. The good news is that Google has recently released a new pair of earbuds that uses the USB-C port on the Pixel phones (there is no headphone jack on the Pixel 2 or 3 phones) and they cost way less than the wireless Pixelbuds! The cost is just $30.

Wired – But That is Not a Bad Thing!

Yes, they are wired but if you wanted a pair of Google earbuds for language translation between you and native speakers in whatever country you visit, this is not a bad way to go about it. Also, as a plus, it does connect you to your phone!

Believe it or not, that is something some people were nervous about with the Pixelbuds. To make it work better, the person you are speaking to would be holding/using your Pixel smartphone and if it is someone you just met on the street, that is not an attractive option! Now, you are actually connected to your phone so it would not be as easy for them run off!

If you are a Pixel phone owner (or planning to buy one soon), this is the perfect accessory for your travels. Now, it is a cheap way to turn your awesome Google Pixel phone into a fantastic language translator for where your travels take you.

Also, if you are a Pixel owner, I would hope that you are using Google Project Fi to get the most out of your tech while traveling internationally!

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