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Just How Many Starpoints Did Those World Series Tickets Cost?

Written by Charlie

SPG’s Starpoints are valuable for so many reasons – they can even be used for World Series tickets! Here is how much it cost in Starpoints to be sitting there this week.

Last week, I wrote about how SPG had loaded up their Moments page with tickets for every World Series game – and the bidding started pretty low. But, it went up and fast, and this was before anyone even knew who would be in it!

Just How Many Starpoints Did Those World Series Tickets Cost?


So, what did the winning bidders end up paying for 2 tickets to a World Series game? Here it is broken down by the games (excepting Game 1 & 2):

  • Game 3 – 374,055 Starpoints
  • Game 4 – 200,500 Starpoints
  • Game 5 – 208,500 Starpoints
  • Game 6 – 172,500 Starpoints
  • Game 7 – 140,500 Starpoints

That is a lot of Starpoints – even for a World Series game! If we value those points at 2 cents each for redemption, Game 3’s winner used a value of $7,400 for 2 tickets! That is a lot!

Since the bidding skyrocketed on that one early, I have to think it was being bid up by Cubs fans as they were still playing the Mets at the time of the auction. That would have been cool – being at the first Cubs World Series game in 70 years! But, imagine if the winner was a Cubs fan, that would have to be a hard pill to swallow now with the NY Mets playing instead of the Cubs! 🙂

The Road Not Taken

To have a little fun, here is what the winner of the Game 3 tickets could have done instead with those points (not that I am saying they should have done these things – just looking at the numbers):

  • Transferred them to an airline in blocks of 20,000 for the 5,000 mile bonus – over 467,000 airline miles
  • Used them for 5th Night Free at Category 4 hotels – 9 vacations of 5 nights each
  • Used them for single night stays at Category 7 hotels – 10 to 12 nights
  • Used them for gift cards – $4,000 in Amazon gift cards

Obviously, the winners of all those packages are really going to experience a once-in-a-lifetime thing and one that tickets could not be bought directly for anymore. I am certainly not judging anyone’s redemptions! I just thought it would be interesting to see what the points could be used for as well. 🙂

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  • WS happens every year and it’s 4 games at least. I don’t see it as a once in a lifetime unless you think those teams will not get to the WS for another 70 yrs…I’m not saying they would go back but the Royals just made it back to back.

    • Sorry, I had meant that it was such for fans that were bidding for a particular team – like if Chicago had made it. So that once in a lifetime chance will not come until at least next year! 🙂

  • I’ve been to a World Series game. Even on stubhub, the tickets are far cheaper than this redemption. And of note, with points to burn, say, the person could have liquidated Amazon gift cards and still come out ahead.