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JetBlue Just Made Their Mosaic Elite Status More Valuable

Written by Charlie

JetBlue Mosaic elite status may not be the most valuable of airline status levels but JetBlue just made changes that do make it more valuable for members!

JetBlue and Southwest have had a reputation of being more of the customer friendly airlines with their policies over the years. However, there have been and always will be some changes by airlines, including those two, when they are the holdouts on some areas where other areas are cleaning up with fees. That has happened this week with JetBlue on a couple of policies and that has just made their Mosaic elite status more valuable.

JetBlue Just Made Their Mosaic Elite Status More Valuable

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Link: JetBlue Mosaic Elite

I have held Mosaic status before as part of their matching and had often commented that, as an elite status, it didn’t really offer a ton in value for many passengers (though it is certainly possible to get value out of it the more you travel – which is the point of elite status anyway!).

That wasn’t so much a knock against Mosaic status as much as it was an observation of how much JetBlue gave the casual traveler in value. For the longest time, anyone could get one free checked bag domestically (even after the big airlines started charging), the seats on their aircraft are excellent, the live TV is a great benefit, and the snacks were always quite decent.

How JetBlue Mosaic Elite Members Are More Valued With the Changes

Then you would move to things like refunds, fare difference refunds, standbys, and other policies. While Mosaic elites got waivers on things, the basic traveler also had some great access to those things that other airlines would charge an arm and a leg for. Well, this week, JetBlue changed three policies that will bring them more revenue and clear the way for Mosaic elite members to get more value – simply because the gap between them and basic travelers just grew in terms of benefits.

Here is what changed:

  • Price Drop: JetBlue changed their price drop policy from 14 days to 5 days for someone to apply for a refund in a price drop
    • Mosaic elite members continue to get change fees waived, as well as cancellation fees
  • Same Day Change Fee: JetBlue raised the cost on same day changes from $50 to $75
    • Again, Mosaic members have the change fee waived
  • Standby Fee Change: JetBlue got rid of the free standby and also charges $75 for that
    • Yet again, Mosaic members get that for free

First of all, the price drop policy isn’t terrible in that they still do what most airlines do not – give you the opportunity to call in and get a refund within 5 days of purchasing your ticket. With JetBlue sales again rolling out every week or so, chances are pretty decent you can get a lower price if you bought before a sale.

As to the other changes, yes, they hurt but the same day fee only went up $25. If you need to change that flight, being able to do it for only $25 more is not going to be a complete deal killer.


But to all of that, Mosaic members now have more distance between the regular travelers on these benefits – and I am happy for them. It is good that they get to have more of a reward for earning their status than the occasional JetBlue flyer (and I am not currently Mosaic as I say this).

Am I happy with the changes? No, but I do understand them. But, I just hope Southwest continues to hold out and not change their policies! 🙂

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