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Fly To Bermuda From NY For 3,500 Points + Other Destinations

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Written by Charlie

JetBlue has a revenue-based award redemption program. That means that the TrueBlue points from JetBlue have a fixed value (more or less). That value sits right around 1.5 cents per point.

New JetBlue Minimum Redemption Amount


One of the big problems with awards had to do with the fact that the minimum points that could be redeemed was 5,000 points. That was true even for cheaper flights which always made more sense to pay for those flights than use points and receive less value.

Now, that is no longer true. JetBlue just announced that they have dropped the minimum award redemption to 3,500 points. This opens up a lot of routes that are now available to use points at the normal redemption rate.

Bermuda From NY For Only 3,500 Points

One of the fares mentioned on the page about the new rate actually shows a very impressive redemption! It said that JFK – Bermuda was available at the new rate of 3,500 points one-way. The great thing about that is that the revenue rate is $140 for the same flight. After subtracting the fee amount of $5.60, it yields a value of 3.88 cents per point! That is very impressive!


$140 for the one-way to Bermuda


Only 3,500 points for NY – Bermuda

That award pricing is available on select days and only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from September 22 – November 20.

There are other options available as well and they can be seen at this page.

American Express Transfer Promotion – Time Running Out

To make this even better, you can still transfer Membership Reward points to JetBlue at a straight 1:1 ratio. That transfer bonus only runs through September 15, so make sure you transfer the points you need before then. To read more about it, check out this post.


British Airway’s Avios have long made non-stop, short-haul flights available at only 4,500 points. Now, with JetBlue’s lowering of the minimum redemption amount, we have an even lower number available – only 3,500 points! Of course, that is not available on all routes, but, as we see above, there are some interesting routes available.

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