Youngest Marathoner To Finish 7 Marathons On 7 Continents

This past week, the youngest person to ever run a marathon on each of seven continents finished the last marathon. The age of this young man? 11 years old! He started this goal 2 years ago and wrapped it up the Republic of Georgia on Saturday.

Nikolas Toocheck is the young man’s name and he lives in Pennsylvania. He ran each of these marathons with his father, an Air Force major in the reserves and optometrist. Not only did he run marathons on each of the 7 continents, but he ran marathons in Antarctica twice. He has also used his desire and goal to raise over $40,000 for coats for children.

youngest marathoner

Nikolas Toocheck – From Nik’s website

One of the questions that comes to most people is how safe this is for a young person. The parents said that he did all of this with the approval of his pediatrician, a pediatric sports medicine specialist, and a pediatric cardiologist. His marathon finish times were around the 6 hour mark as well and had his father with him every step of the way.

The countries he ran marathons in were Antarctica, United States (Delaware), Chile, Australia, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, and Georgia. It took him two years to complete this goal – and he is still not even old to join his track team. 🙂 My question when I read this story is – what does he do next? When you have accomplished all of that before you are even a teenager, it must really drive you to accomplish much more as you go through life. For now, he starts back to school and I am sure has some stories for his schoolmates!

To read about him, his website is here.


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