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It’s On! 6 Marathon Runs On 6 Continents In 5 Days

6 marathons
Written by Charlie

Well, it has started! In what is easily one of the most difficult challenges I have ever undertaken, I am off on the first leg of the trip in my quest to run 6 marathon runs (26.2 miles each) on 6 continents in under 5 days.

If this is the first you are hearing/reading this, let me bring you up to date with some of the info about it.

6 Marathon Runs On 6 Continents In 5 Days

What Is This?

This is a solo effort (by me) that will be run with other runners on the various legs as I try to run 6 marathon runs (a marathon being 26.2 miles) on each of 6 continents in under 5 days. This is not a record-breaking attempt but it will serve a couple of purposes

Wounded Warrior Project

The charity that I have chosen for this little adventure is the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that works to help and support our nation’s veterans post 9/11. My goal for the amount raised is what this entire trip would have cost if I had purchased (see below about how I am doing it!) and I am really hoping we can make it! Any amount would be fantastic and 100% of everything you donate goes directly to WWP – I don’t even see any of the information you enter as it is directly with them. Please consider sponsoring me on this huge event by donating something to WWP. The fundraising link where you can donate is here.

Flying Round The World In Business/First Class For Under $250

As this site is about showing people (with a special slant towards runners) how they can travel the world for less, I have of course booked the entire journey using only miles! I will have posts later about how I booked them and what it took to get the miles but with just a few credit card bonuses, I am able to fly on an initerary that would have cost at least $17,000 for only $250 in taxes/fees (and the miles). And you can do the same thing! Check out this post for more info.

Keeping Up With Me

I will literally be flying through the earlier portion of this trip as I have a short journey to Cairo, run, a short hop to Abu Dhabi, run, and then begins the longer flights (starting with flying Etihad’s beautiful A380 in Apartment Class).

If you have ever run a race before, you know what a help the crowds can be cheering you on. Well, these 26.2 mile runs have no crowds or water stops along the way! So, it would be a huge help to have a virtual crowd helping me along.

6 marathons

Track me live with a map like this!

My runs will be available to track live (except for a glitch during this morning’s run) along the way. You will be able to see my progress, time, pace, and location as I run on each continent. Those links will be available on Twitter each time I start a run so make sure you follow me on Twitter to get notified!

Also, I have finally gotten on Instagram and will be putting up some photos of the journey, including the cities I am in, my run prep, and the beautiful airplanes I will be on. I encourage you to follow me on Instagram to check out my progress as well!

Run With Me

I would love to see anyone in DC come on out for part of the run! I have some people that will be running along the way, including Glenn from Military Frequent Flyer who will be running his first ever marathon distance! If you want to run 1/2 mile on this final run of this huge adventure or the whole thing, I would love every minute of it!

I planned this event to end in Washington, DC on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary as I do this to help raise money for Wounded Warrior Project and we will be finishing the actual run at the Marine Memorial as well. The entire course in DC will closely follow the actual Marine Corps Marathon course so it should be easy to follow along. Check out this post for information about joining us.

Win A FitBit!

I am having a fun giveaway along with this trip. All you need to do is go to this post and guess the number of steps that I will cover over the entire 5 days for a chance to win a nice FitBit Charge HR. The person with the closest guess will win! Head on over here to enter.

Catching Up

Finally, to see all the posts I have written about this even so far, just click here to see the whole list.

On We Go!

This morning, I finished Marathon Run #1 on Continent #1 – Europe. I did it in a time of 4:45. I was on pace for quicker, but I had the time so saved some energy and just did it to get under 5 hours. I will need a lot of energy and help as I head into Cairo to start there in just a couple of hours. I actually will be running that portion on a treadmill in a fitness center that is a little stuffy, so should be quite difficult!

From there, I will be on to Abu Dhabi and over 100 degree heat and high humidity. So, I need to save some energy and strength for those legs of the journey. Fortunately, my legs feel great and do not hurt at all. It has been a long day and it will not end for me until tomorrow evening when I get on the flight for Australia. Until then!

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  • You’ve always been one of my favorite bloggers. Now I really admire you. Wear a hat in Abu Dhabi — or spf 90!

  • The past few days is not bad in Abu Dhabi. Humidity is low. If you had came last week, then humidity was about 80% making the temperature higher than it is. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the low humidity is here to stay and cooler temperature will be coming soon. You should get a good run then.