Incredible Deal: GoPro HERO4 Session + $50 Gift Card For $199 + More Savings

Find out you can get the incredibly small GoPro HERO4 Session for as little as $114 when it is all said and done!

GoPro has definitely been dropping their prices this shopping season but this is definitely the best price on this camera yet! This is the smallest of the GoPro cameras and was priced at an insane $399 when it first came out. Wisely, they lowered it to $299 after a while but now it is even lower than that, plus it comes with a $50 gift card!

Incredible Deal: GoPro HERO4 Session + $50 Gift Card For $199 + More Savings

GoPro HERO4 Session

Ok, this is going to be a bit of a deal stacker again. But, when you are done, you will have received a GoPro HERO4 Session at a value cost of $114!

The GoPro HERO4 Session is available for $199 at many retailers (including Amazon with a 32GB microSD card and head mount – affiliate link here). The best price, however, is going to be with Backcountry. Here are the steps to get the best price for the GoPro HERO4 Session.

Step 1 – Portal

Backcountry still has some good portal payouts available. To see them all, check Cashback Monitor. TopCashBack is offering 8% cashback while you can earn 6 Ultimate Reward points per dollar using the Shop Through Chase portal. Personally, I would go for that option.

After making your selection, click through the portal to go to Backcountry.

Earn either $16 back or 1,200 Ultimate Reward points

Step 2 – Amex Offer

Amex Offers

If you have not yet saved this offer to your Amex card, do that now. If you have saved it, grab that Amex card with the offer saved on it and use it to pay for the GoPro HERO4 Session. This will let you earn get $20 back on your purchase. But, you must use that Amex card at checkout.

Receive $20 back when you use your Amex card with the saved offer.

Step 3 – Buy The Camera

Now that you are at Backcountry.com, search for the GoPro HERO4 Session and add it to your cart. On the way to checkout, it will tell you about additional items that come with it for free. That item is a $50 gift card. Add that card to your cart as well and go to checkout.

GoPro HERO4 Session

When you are done, you will have paid $199 up front but will receive the GoPro HERO4 Session and a $50 Backcountry gift card. I am not really sure the best way to treat the gift card in the total savings because I am not sure how much you could sell it for. So, I will assume that you will just use it for future purchases and assign it the full value, assuming you would buy something in the future that they sell.

Receive $50 gift card

Putting It All Together

Ok, so let’s see what we ended up with!

  • Use portal to get cashback/points – $16/1,200 points
  • Receive $20 back from Amex Offers
  • Receive $50 gift card
  • Total value cost of GoPro HERO4 Session – $114!

This is an incredible price! If you are looking for a quality GoPro camera, this will give it to you at the best possible price. I would move on this now because I do not think that Backcountry meant to continue giving away the $50 gift card with their orders when the price changed.

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  • If you do a “chat” online, the Customer Service person can split your payment across 2 cards for an additional $20 off 😉

  • If you have the Amex offer on 2 cards, you can buy (2) $100 giftcards at Backcountry (get $40 back from Amex). Then use those 2 giftcards to buy the GoPro+$50 GC. Total will be $199 (-$50 GC -$40 Amex) = $110. You might lose the cashback/UR points since you are using giftcards, but still worth it.

    • Just as a warning to others – I’m not sure chatting with the agent was the best route. Even though they easily split the payment across 2 cards, I am yet to receive the “automatic” notification from AmEx that I “Used your Amex Offer”.

      I called Backcountry Customer Support and they said that “internally, if an item is ordered on the internet the Order Number starts with a “B”. If ordered over the phone it is just a series of numbers. He wasn’t sure whether Amex would recognize the difference which gives me some hope, but so far very concerning.

      • Thanks for checking this out and reporting back. I am just getting on after being away from a computer all day. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    • I just checked and it does look like they finally removed it. I was surprised they had that in the first place and it looks like there were a lot of orders placed for these so they probably ended up pulling the card when they noticed.

  • Is there a way you can share the order number…they will match the $50 GC if I have a another order showing the discount. Please PM if possible.

  • Is there a way you can share the order number…they will match the $50 GC if I have a another order showing the discount. Please PM if possible. thanks in advance