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How To Get 4,500 Bonus Starpoints With One Stay

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Written by Charlie

With these stacking SPG promos, find out how you can get 4,500 bonus Starpoints with a single night stay!

Stacking promos are an excellent way to accumulate points quickly and cheaply. With the value that SPG’s Starpoints have, this is great and can save you substantial spending on their credit cards. Find out how you can easily get 4,500 bonus Starpoints with a single SPG stay!

How To Get 4,500 Bonus Starpoints With One Stay

The total 4,500 bonus points (actually 4,515 bonus points) is a result of two promos that will stack with each other. Even if you cannot take advantage of the stay at the participating hotels to get both, you can still get either one easily enough.

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bonus starpoints

This first one is good for any eligible stay (paid rates through SPG’s website or their app). This promo awards 2,015 Starpoints for a single stay between November 30 – December 31. The stay can be at any of the SPG properties.

You must register for this promotion. That can be done here – registration page. To read more of the details, read this page with the terms and details.

I think most people would value Starpoints at a value of at least 2 cents per point. That means this promo will give you $40 in value. That is a great deal! It is great not just because of the value but because if you normally earn Starpoints through Amex SPG spend, you can now use that spending on a different card. That is $2,000 in spending that can be put on a different points card.

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SPG Amex Keyless Promo

bonus Starpoints

The other promo that is property dependent is the SPG Keyless promo and must be paid for with the SPG Amex card. This promo awards the customer with 2,500 Starpoints and runs for a stay between November 20 – February 29, 2016. This stay can also be a single-night stay and is valid on eligible rates.

You must register for this promo as well and you can do that here – registration page. To read more of the details, read this page with the terms and details.

The hotels that currently work with the keyless system (meaning you use your smartphone or Apple Watch for entry to your room) are found within the Aloft, Element, and W hotels. The complete list of participating properties can be found here.

Stacking The Offers

bonus Starpoints

Staying at this hotel for under $100 would net 4,515 bonus Starpoints

If you book your single night stay at one of the participating properties above and stay before December 31, you will earn a total of 4,515 bonus Starpoints. With some of these properties being in places that are off peak and available at cheap rates, you could easily get the full 4,515 points for less than a $100 in spending. That is about $90 in point value plus a hotel stay for under $100!


It is up to you to decide if this is worth finding a cheap hotel just for the points, but I think this is a nice offer that could work if you find a cheap enough hotel. For me, I needed a stay coming up and was planning to stay at a Hilton because of the price but this promo switched me to the SPG property. It is nice to pick up bonus  Starpoints and could help sway you to a SPG hotel the same way!

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  • I had hoped to tack on a BRG to the above to make it more like 7000 (after including Amex and Platinum multipliers to the additional points you get just for paying the bill).

    Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck with SPG BRG’s this year and their change to 48 hours has further invalidated the rare “find” I’ve stumbled on a couple times. Would be awesome if someone had the time (or luck) to tie them all together though!

      • Also – I called and confirmed with my “target hotel” that Mobile check-in is actually a full check-in/stay. Gave it to him straight and clearly said “So I can stay here at my house, never show up at the hotel, and I’ll still get credit for the stay just as if I showed up, right?” He confirmed that as long as the app confirms I’m checked in, it’s just like any other stay and they never have to see me.

        That would have been my default expectation, but boy did some SPG desk clerks freak out last year when I called to ask if they could check me in without my personally showing up at the desk – couldn’t wrap their minds around a “mattress run” and acted like I was asking them to break the law.

        This feels like a good workaround if you’re one stay short on status, etc.