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IHG Points Still Available On Sale – 2 Packages To Consider & Why

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Written by Charlie

The IHG points are still on sale from Daily Getaways. Here is a post showing you which 2 packages to consider and why you may want to purchase them.


Yesterday’s Daily Getaway listing was the one that typically lasts the entire Daily Getaway schedule in availability – IHG points. It is not because IHG points are worthless but likely more because it is easy to get points at a discount almost any day by making a cash and points booking and then cancelling it (basically trading money for the points at a low cost) and that IHG runs sales quite often that will let you buy their points at a 100% bonus for less than .6 cents each.

IHG Points On Sale – Which Package To Consider?

But, just because this Daily Getaway listing doesn’t rush out the door does not mean you shouldn’t consider some of the packages available! I will say that it is almost never a good idea to buy hotel points speculatively since the hotel programs tend to devalue the program through category changes often enough and without surprise. You would hate to be paying about what the points are worth in redemption to buy them in bulk and then have them worth less than you paid for them!

So, with all of that in mind, here is what is available and which package you may want to consider.

The IHG Point Packages on Sale

First thing to note – this year, they added a bigger package to the listing for 130,000 points at $749 as well as the new smallest package of 8,500 points for $49.

Another thing to note is that the 15,000 point packages and 25,000 point packages are actually $1 cheaper than last year while the bigger packages are a bit more expensive. So, let’s see what’s available!

Which IHG Packages To Consider?

With the most expensive IHG properties costing 60,000 points, that would mean it would cost you around $354 to purchase the points needed for one of those top tier hotels. While that could certainly save you some money at a few of those hotels, you should also consider the issue of availability as well as bonuses that run from time to time. It could be possible to get more value out of just purchasing the night rather than the points.

On the other hand, the best deal in hotel rewards is the IHG PointBreak hotels. This is a list of rotating hotels that comes out every 2 months and it puts a variety of category properties around the world on sale for 5,000 points per night. While there has not be a top tier hotel on that list in a long time, the list is incredibly valuable for many given the coverage of hotels and the cheap price. In this case, it would cost you about $29 to purchase the points needed for one of these nights.

Best Options?

Personally, I would look at this list as a way to get a few PointBreak hotels down the road and not as a way to get hotels at their regular categories. If you need some points to top up for such a redemption, that is one thing but otherwise, get points for PointBreak hotels. That is why I would recommend you buy the 8,500 point packages – at least 2 of themor the 15,000 point package. It will cost you $98 for 17,000 points (if you buy 2 8,500 point packages) but that will easily give 3 nights and a few points over. If you want to hit 3 nights in the cheapest way possible, buy the 15,000 point package for $89.

Why Buy IHG Points Now?

Even though IHG runs 100% buy bonuses, the rate to get them at the above prices for lower packages is not possible below something like 20,000 points (and then get 20,000 points in bonus). So, this is really the best price for getting smaller amounts of IHG points, which are valuable for the IHG PointBreak hotels when they come up.

Also, if you have the IHG credit card, you will receive a 10% rebate on your points redeemed so that makes all your point redemptions a little cheaper.

Finally, while the IHG hotel credit card is definitely one of the best in terms of the anniversary night (any hotel in the world for just paying the $49 annual fee), many people are not in a position/desire to get that particular card right now. If you are near the 5/24 amount and you have your sights set on other Chase cards that are covered under that rule (the IHG card is not), you may prefer to buy some points now instead of getting the card.


As most of us figured, there was really no reason to rush yesterday to buy any of these packages as they typically hang around for quite a while. But, hopefully this post helps you if you are on the fence of whether or not you want to buy IHG points with this promo.

Did you buy any of the IHG packages yesterday? Which ones would you buy?

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  • Interesting. Current list of PointBreaks hotels does not include any destinations that pique my interest. But since in only books through 4/30, does that mean the destinations will be updated on 5/1?