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Hyatt Adds An Extra 50% In Points If Your Diamond Amenity Points Did Not Post

For Hyatt’s Diamond members, they are allowed to select an amenity at check-in. It can be a food&beverage amenity that can vary based on property, or you can select 1,000 Gold Passport points (at Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, or Hyatt Resorts, it is 500 points). I know that there are many that will wait to see what the offering is at a particular hotel, but I just about always choose the 1,000 points.

Hyatt Diamond Amenity Points Not Posting?

The problem is that sometimes the points from the hotels do not post. In particular, one hotel I frequent the most never has the points post. I always make sure I request them, there is always button pushing and confirmation – but then nothing ever shows up.

Not only that, but when I book at this hotel using the Points+Cash system, the night never shows up as a qualifying night in my account (which the Points+Cash rate is). The last visit, it never even showed that I had stayed there! I just wish my credit card had shown the same thing. 🙂

Phone In To Have Them Added – Plus A Bonus!

That leaves me to call about 7-10 days after my checkout to ask about the night and the points. Hyatt’s reps are always fantastic and it normally takes just a couple of minutes. This last time, the rep informed me that she was adding the amenity of 1,500 points to my account. I stopped her to ask about that, saying that I thought it was only 1,000 points. She said it is, but when they do not get added at the hotel, Hyatt gives an additional 500 points after the fact.

So, if you are missing your Diamond amenity points on your next stay, give them a call and ask about the extra 500 points if they do not mention it first. Since this happens all the time at my most-frequented hotel, I expect I will have this happen a few more times. 🙂 I always bring it to the reps attention each time I call but it must be something on the hotel end that just never processes it right.

ETA: I found this Flyertalk thread which also discusses this policy, including a definition of it from the Hyatt Gold Passport rep.

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