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How To Reapply [Or Apply] For A Second US Passport

second US passport
Written by Charlie

Most US travelers only have one US passport and only have a need for a single US passport. However, there are circumstances where having a second US passport is necessary for travel.

Short Duration Of Validity

While helpful, the worst thing about these second passports is that, unlike regular US passports, they are only issued for a period of 2 years. Since there are many countries that require your passport to be good for 6 months following the date of entry, that limits the effective use of the second US passport to only 18 months.

Renewal Or Reapplication?

Unlike regular US passports, a second US passport cannot be renewed. If you are still in need of such a passport after its expiration, you will need to reapply for another passport. But, keep in mind that it is not going to be a simple rubber stamp process since you had one before. In some ways, they may give your situation an even closer examination.

If that is you, here is how you go about getting a second US passport. Since the process for reapplying for a second US passport is the same as applying for a second passport for the first time, this will help you no matter which case you find yourself in.

How To Reapply [Or Apply] For A Second US Passport

second US passport

To be eligible for a second US passport, you must demonstrate that you fulfill one of the two reasons they look to for such applications:

  • Visa applications – some countries require your passport to be submitted for a visa and it can take a while to issue it. If you have travel during that time, you will need a second passport for your other travels.
  • Diplomatic issues – there are some countries that are at diplomatic odds with each other and will not allow entry to a US passport holder if there is a stamp from the other country.

Letter Of Explanation

To make application, you will need a letter explaining your need for the second passport under one of the possibilities above. If it is for business, you will need a letter from your employer explaining the issues at hand. Here is an example of such a letter:

TO: U.S. Department of State
I, the undersigned, am the bearer of valid U.S. passport
number_________________ issued on ________________.
(number) (date)
However, in view of restrictive entry policies and/or the
time delay required to obtain visas for my current (and
future) travels, it is impossible for me to obtain all
necessary visas or to complete my trip using one passport.
I am therefore requesting the issuance of a second United
States passport. I understand the passport will be valid
only for two years.
Should either of my two passports be lost or stolen, I will
report immediately the circumstances of the loss to Passport
Services, or if abroad, to the nearest U.S. Embassy,
Consulate, or Consular Agency.


Making Application

There are a few options for how to make application for a second US passport. Here are some options:

  • Application by appointment at a US Consulate or US Embassy
  • Application by appointment at a US Passport Agency
  • Through a company that will make application on your behalf (such as Allied Passport)

I have applied for one with a US Passport agency. Since any application being made at a Passport Agency is treated as an expedited passport, you can expect to receive it back in a very short window of time. You will need to pay the expedited fee, however.

Presenting Need

I have also applied at a US Consulate. Be aware – you may have to be more clear beyond the letter of explanation. This was the case with me and it most likely had to do with the fact that I was applying because of diplomatic issues between countries and not about the time frame for applying for visas. They made it clear – a second US passport is for necessary conditions, not for the convenience of the traveler. It is for situations that absolutely require it. So, if you plan on applying for a second passport for the sake of diplomatic situations, make sure that are able to show itineraries to countries that are not on good terms.

However, that is an issue as well but just not an immediate one. Since I am in a foreign country with a passport that has a residency permit in it, I am not able to surrender that passport for a visa since I need to have it with me all the time. Since there are some places that I go to on short notice, having a second passport for visa applications helps with that as well.

What You Need

  • Completed Passport Application – Form ds-82
  • 1 Passport Photo
  • Your Regular, Current Passport (must be sent in with the application)
  • A Statement declaring your need for the second passport and your assurance that the loss or theft of either passport will be promptly reported (a copy of what I sent is above) – I submitted copies of my reservations that proved why I needed a separate passport
  • Fee for the passport (here is the good part – if you apply for your passport at a passport agency, you can actually use a credit card. That is different from applying at the Post Office where you must have a check). If applying at a Consulate or Embassy, you may need to use a bank check – not cash or credit card.

Make sure when you give your other passport that you make sure they do not cancel it! If it is your main, current passport, ask them to put a note on it to ensure they do not punch holes in it or else it will be cancelled.

Global Entry

Contrary to what some people have thought, you can register both of your passports to your Global Entry account. You can add the document to your account within your GOES profile. You can also stop in at a Global Entry office and have them add your second passport. I can verify that both passports work with Global Entry seamlessly.


A second US passport can be necessary for the traveler. If you have already received one and need to apply for another one, the conditions here are good for either a new second US passport or another second US passport if the first one expired.

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  • i have a second passport. Needed to to obtain a visa while traveling on my primary. This past week I traveled for the first time on my second passport. I never registered it with global entry and assumed I could not use it. The customs line was so long I decided to try it anyway and it worked. My colleague was not as adventurous and waited in the long line. I got through much faster and we got to eventually wait together for our luggage to come up before we left the customs area.