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New TripIt Update Shows You the Covid-19 Information You Need for Your Trip

Written by Charlie

This new TripIt update gives you a ton of information related to Covid-19 so you know what to expect for that upcoming trip. Check out the details!

TripIt has long been an app that many travelers trusted to keep them on time and on schedule throughout their journey. But, they have not merely let it stay as this kind of an app – they have been working to provide their users with all the Covid-19 information necessary to know what to expect on an upcoming trip. So, here is the result of that work!

TripIt Update Shows Covid-19 Information for Your Travels

Link: TripIt Update

Information is a valuable thing and when it comes to Covid-19 and international travel, information will be the one thing that could make the difference between having a trip go smoothly or having some very big hiccups – including not even being able to start the journey.

This is why the latest TripIt update is a boon for travelers that are making their way around the skies and roads in the middle of this covid-19 virus. This update will now inform you about many things for your upcoming destination:

  • Key information including infection rates, hotspots, and any quarantine or testing requirements for travelers entering the area.
  • Requirements and restrictions currently in place, including mask requirements, curfew orders, and restrictions on dining and shopping.
  • Travel guidelines issued for your destination, such as health documentation requirements, entry and exit rules, travel bans, and more.

This information is key to have and while it is obtainable from various sources, including government ones, now you get it all in the very same app that keeps you in the know for your actual travels. This information is live today and is available for more than 200 countries and territories.

In addition, it will also provide even more detail about the following regions:

  • For Australia, you can view guidance by state
  • For Canada, you can view guidance by province
  • For the United States, you can view guidance by state

The best part about all of this? TripIt is making this Covid-19 travel guidance available to all TripIt users – not just those that pay for the Pro subscription!

To access this Covid-19 travel guidance, see the image below for the guidebook button you will need. This will appear for a trip that you already have saved into the TripIt app.

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