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How to Get Your Own 100K Hilton Surpass Referral Link – And Earn 20K Points Each!

100K Hilton Surpass referral
Written by Charlie

Find out how to get your own 100K Hilton Surpass referral link and earn 20K points for each successful referral! Great way to rack up Hilton points!

The other day, I wrote about the 100K Hilton Surpass offer. The public offer is still only at 75,000 points and the 100K Hilton Surpass offer is only available through referral links. But, maybe you checked your referral offer online and only saw the 75K  offer? Find out how to get your own 100K Hilton Surpass link!

How to Get Your Own 100K Hilton Surpass Referral Link

Link: 100K Hilton Surpass Referral Link

It is very easy, normally, to get Amex referral links. The link for the referrals sits just to the right inside your Amex account. But, the best referral offers do not always exist there!

The other day was the first time that the 100K referral offer appeared in my Amex account. But, it was (and is) only showing the 75K offer for my wife’s card.

So, I grabbed the other link that my account had to get the 100K Hilton Surpass referral link and – voila! – my wife was able to get it for her own cards as well! Here is how you get it for yourself.

Step 1

Go to this link (or above) and open it in an incognito/private browser (unless you are the only one that signs in to Amex on your computer).

Step 2

Enter your Amex login information.

100K Hilton Surpass referral

Enter your Amex ID to get your Hilton Surpass referral link

Step 3

You should see the below screen after you login. Once you see it, go ahead and send yourself an e-mail (or someone else). Once you receive the e-mail, click on the link in the e-mail and that is the referral offer that you can use for friends or family.

100K Hilton Surpass referral

There it is! Now go ahead and share it to get 20K points for each successful referral.

Once you get your link, go ahead and leave it in the comments below for other readers to find! 

100K Hilton Surpass Referral Link Details

  • You will receive 20,000 Hilton points for every successful application through your referral
  • The limit you can receive is 80,000 Hilton points in a year
  • The people you refer will receive the 100K Hilton point offer

This 100K Surpass offer is good until 7/26/2017. So, if you are just getting the Hilton Surpass card yourself now, come back here and get your referral link to get more points after you receive the card!

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