How I Booked a $3,600 Suite for 16K Hyatt Points – 22 Cents Per Point!

Written by Charlie

With the new feature of booking suites online, I found a staggering $3,600 suite available that I was able to book for just 16K Hyatt points! Here are the details!

While this was always bookable with the new World of Hyatt program, I didn’t even know this suite existed before Hyatt brought the new ability online to use points! Once I did, I booked it last week for a trip later this fall so take a look at what you can get with Hyatt points!

Booked a $3,600 Suite for 16,000 Hyatt Points!

While a lot of (digital) ink has been spilled/will be spilled about the awesome suites at high-end Hyatt hotels, do not forget to check out some of the lower category Hyatt properties as well! Just because they may be a lowly Category 2 or 3 does not mean they do not have a hidden suite or two that you can now book online with points!

The Hyatt Regency Rochester – a Category 2

I have stayed at the Hyatt Regency Rochester a number of times over the years. That was like a staycation/date hotel since it was one of the nicer hotels in Rochester. I had even upgraded to the Skyline Suite which I thought was pretty nice and goes for about $700 per night!

Even basic rooms at the Hyatt Regency Rochester (a current Category 2) are really nice with some nice views and huge TVs. But, when I found the Rochester Suite at this hotel, I immediately booked it for a stay in a couple of months. The cost? 16,000 Hyatt points since it was a premium suite at a Category 2.

The Stunning Rochester Suite – Regular Price $3,600 Per Night!

But, strangely enough, when you switched over to look for cash rates, the Rochester Suite was not to be found – even for nights when it had award availability. So, I called the hotel directly to ask how much it was. The hotel agent I spoke with said there were not rates for such a suite and sounded as if she had never even heard of it! She said the only suites available were the Junior Suite or the Skyline Suite.

Not to be deterred, I went to my favorite hotel Twitter team (the Hyatt concierge team) and asked them to check it for me. I was floored when they came back with a rate of $3,600 after tax! That is insane! Ok, now I know I would never spend that much on any hotel room but a straight value of the points did turn up a stunning 22.5 cents per Hyatt point! 

You Can Buy the Points for This Suite for Less Than $300!

Even better? You can buy the 16,000 points necessary for such a stay during a sale (like this one) for $294! Again, a steep price for a Category 2 but pretty crazy when you consider the cash price is over $3,300 more than that!

What Does the Rochester Suite Offer?

The Rochester Suite at the Hyatt Regency Rochester

So, I have not stayed there yet but here is what the Hyatt site says the Rochester Suite has to offer:

This grand 2,100 sq ft suite features a separate bedroom, generous living area to relax and entertain – including a full-sized pool table, a bar, and a spacious outdoor deck to take in the stunning views of downtown Rochester. 
  • Hyatt Grand Bed
  • Separate Living and Bedroom Space
  • Text Message Request Application
  • Arabica Blend coffee and Tazo Tea
  • 55 Inch Flat Screen HDTV with streaming media capabilities
  • Daily Newspaper upon request
  • Maximum guests per room:  4
  • Breathtaking Views of Downtown Rochester
  • Rollaway bed available upon request

Yes, a 2,100 square foot suite! And, why not throw a pool table in there! 🙂

Bottom Line

If you ever find yourself in Rochester, NY, now you know how you can secure a very expensive suite for a steal in points – or even buying points to pay for it! I will have a full review of this suite after my stay!

Of course, for any points’ fan, it is also just kind of cool to find some insane redemption opportunity like that! Sure, there are more expensive suites but this has to be one of the best values of points to cost I have seen so far!

Hey, want even better news? The Hyatt Regency Rochester will become a Category 1 next year! 🙂 Let’s hope they keep this suite bookable as it will cost just 10,000 points for a night!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • Charlie,

    What night did you book? I tried to get a booking done earlier today for later this year and got told no because the managers aren’t allowing it due to Covid. I asked the employee to have the manger call me, they didn’t, so I’m literally on the phone with Hyatt right now and getting the same story…

    • Hi, Bill. I booked for mid-November. Don’t go through the hotel – I honestly don’t think they even know it has become bookable by customers so they treat it like it isn’t there. I had checked a bunch of dates in October – January and it was available on most through the website. If you have a problem booking it, use the Twitter team as they can definitely handle it. Good luck!

      • Even customer service seemed clueless on the phone. Odd…It required going through a higher up to getting a booking in place for September. Thankfully they did it after some time. Shame its such a hassle at this point.