If You Plan On Running the 2019 Nashville Marathon, You Better Book Your Hotel Room NOW!

2019 Nashville Marathon
Written by Charlie

If you plan on running the 2019 Nashville Marathon, you had better book your hotel room for next April right now! This is true even if you haven’t registered yet because you may find yourself without a room in the entire city if you wait too long!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon is still almost an entire year off (race events scheduled for April 25 – 28, 2019). In fact, registration is not even open right now as early registration has closed and the registration will open again (sign-up here to be notified). But, even though it is so far off and you may not have even registered yet, you will want to book your hotel room right now!

Book Your Hotel Room for the 2019 Nashville Marathon NOW!

They are calling it a perfect storm – a possible playoff run for the Nashville hockey team, the Nashville marathon, and the 2019 NFL Draft all taking place in Nashville on the same weekend!

2019 Nashville marathon

One hotel to check is the Holston House, a Hyatt property. It is going for $635 (after taxes) per night but can be booked for 20,000 Hyatt points – that is a 3.1 cents per point redemption.

Hotel Rooms For that 2019 Weekend Are Going Fast!

2019 NFL Draft Will Fill Many Hotels

According to the Tennessean, the NFL Draft could draw over 200,000 people to Nashville! Combine that with the thousands of people who will be coming for the marathon and the hotel situation is going to get overloaded – fast.

That means this is the time to book your hotel room for the Nashville Marathon. Make sure you check the rate rules but you should definitely be able to cancel it if you need to in the coming months. But, at least get a reservation in! Some hotels are already full.

If you have hotel points, this is the time to use them! For many hotel programs, if there is a single standard room available, you can book it with points. This would let you get some insane value from points in some programs when looking at the prices that they are currently asking.

I will put out a post next week with some top point hotel options but, for now, get looking and booking! Even if you are not registered yet for the Nashville Marathon, it is time to book that hotel.

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