Get the Awesome DJI Mavic Air For $50 Off – Maybe the Best Travel Drone?

DJI Mavic Air
Written by Charlie

The DJI Mavic Air may be the best all-around travel drone out there right now. I love the video and photos from it and that it is so small it could go in any bag or even a jacket! Now, save $50 on it with this coupon that ends tonight!

The drone market has really gotten swamped over the last couple of years and can be summarized like this – the company DJI and everyone else.

Get the Awesome DJI Mavic Air For $50 Off

Link: DJI Mavic Air

The Deal

Use the code PMEMDAY at checkout to take $50 off the code of the drone. That coupon expires tonight (5/25) at 11:59PM Pacific Time. That code can be used on anything over $50 that has the PMEMDAY banner for 15% off – capped at $50 off.

The Drone – The DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

Get some height for your travel photos with a drone! This is out of the camera, unedited

DJI has practically created a drone for every market from their $99 drone up to the full-scale professional cinematography drones. For consumers, we have a lot to choose from with a company that has been doing this for a while and has had made a lot of headway.

Other Options

Yes, you can buy other drones and there are some interesting ones out there. But, unless you are trying to get a 4K drone for under the $400 mark, I would pass on most of these other drones. It is not that they are bad but even GoPro realized that creating a drone is a complicated (and even dangerous) adventure. DJI, for better or worse, pretty much has the lock on the market.

DJI Mavic Air

This year, they released an amazing drone that slots in between their DJI Spark (available for under $400 but it would be better with the Fly More Combo for the controller and batteries) and the DJI Mavic Pro (available for $999 – and sometimes less – and has the controller). This new drone is the low profile, high performance DJI Mavic Air. It is seriously amazing how small it gets while having a fly time of about 20 minutes in real life. If you go with the Fly More Combo, you get 3 batteries so you should be good to go!

Not only is it more compact than the DJI Mavic Pro, but it even has better recording for video with larger files for more room to push the files in post processing (if that is something you would want to do). I have gone around a bit in my travels (and even runs) with the DJI Mavic Air and I positively love it!

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