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Another Hotel Reservation Cancelled, This Time Citing Hotel Brand Change

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With the upcoming eclipse, there are several hotel customers that found their reservations cancelled to allow for price hikes. Here is yet another story.

As I wrote about last month, many hotels have been scrambling to get higher rates for their rooms with the coming eclipse. As a result, some hotels have cancelled reservations of savvy customers who booked the rooms months in advance when the rates were much more normal for those hotels.

Hotel Reservation Cancelled, Citing Hotel Brand Change

Now, another hotel reservation is reported to have been cancelled but this time, the customer was told it was due to the change in ownership from Hilton to Wyndham. This is just ridiculous as they never notified him of such a cancellation and when hotels undergo ownership transitions, the reservations are kept that were made prior to the change. If there is some reason that a reservation cannot be accommodated (for things like a renovation after taking ownership), the hotels send out notices to the registered guests that gives options.

In this case, the guest had called only to add more names for check-in to his reservations. It was then that he was told that his reservation, which he made in January, did not exist. He was told it was because he had made it when it was a Hampton Inn under Hilton and they were now a Travelodge under Wyndham.

Fortunately, he was able to get a hotel reservation 50 miles away but this is just terrible that these hotels, most of them lower tiered properties, feel they can just cancel reservations to get in on the incredible rate hikes (think rates going from $80 to almost $1,000 for a night) due to the path of the eclipse.

If you have a reservation at a hotel in the path of the total eclipse, it may be a good thing to call and check on that reservation as these hotels find different ways to cancel reservations and not notify customers.

This was a hotel in the Nashville area that had previously been with Hampton Inn before switching to a Wyndham-branded Travelodge. It was for the night before the eclipse.

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  • Good to see this a widely practiced policy, i was feeling a little left out 😉 Booked one of these hotels via for Albuquerque Balloon Festival in October for under $100 when going rate can be 300+ (just for that festival weekend). Got shoo-ed away with “cant find reservation” excuse, called from lobby, 45 mins later they had a room for me. No such luck for 2 french ladies stranded alongside who booked via another french website.