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Deal of the Day: International Travel Adapter Kits

Written by Charlie

If you are in the market for a good deal on international travel adapter kits, this Deal of the Day could be just for you! Power multiple devices easily.

If you travel internationally, you know you need a series of adapters for your electronics that can handle the current in the country you are in. While it is possible to just get a series of adapter plugs, it can be a lot easier to have an all-in-one solution that allows multiple devices to be plugged in and this looks like an item that could do a great job of that!

Deal of the Day: International Travel Adapter Kits

Link: International Travel Adapter Kit – $18.99

Amazon’s Deal of the Day is a good one for the international traveler. I normally just use one of my Apple charging blocks and bring adapters for that but this is definitely a better all-in-one solution with a lot of device options.

It has various plug adapters you put on the back to use for the various regions of the world you visit and it has 2 US outlets on the front and two USB ports as well as a wrap-around micro-USB plug to charge those smaller electronics. This is definitely a piece of kit I will grab for my travel bag.

International Power Stript

If that one is too light for your application, they also have a regular power strip one with separate on/off switches and international adapters. This could be a great deal as well.

international travel adapter kits

Link: International Power Strip – $19.49

Note: these are for devices/power supplies that can handle 100-240volts and 50/60 hertz. Check your various power devices to see if they are capable of that. These devices will not step down the power from 220/240 to 110 so do not plan on using things like electric hair devices and similar with these devices. READ YOUR POWER DEVICE TO BE SURE! Most chargers for electronics are 100-240 and 50/60 so no problem.

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  • We’ve been looking for a good, packable travel adapter (we currently use a round one that doesn’t quite pack in as efficiently) – ordering them through your link! It’ll come in handy when we take off to Europe and SEA next year as digital nomads 😉