Half-Marathon Tuesday: The Baltimore Half-Marathon

Baltimore half-marathon
Written by Charlie

Half-Marathon Tuesday: The Baltimore Half-Marathon

Today’s half-marathon that we will look at is actually part of other races on the same course. It is the Baltimore Half-Marathon. I have run the Baltimore Marathon and, thanks to the start times and course similarities, I was able to run with quite a few of the half-marathoners. I know they enjoyed it as much as I did, in fact, they might have enjoyed it even more because they did not have to go through some of the quieter (dead) areas of the city!

The Baltimore Half-Marathon, like the full, finishes between the M&T Stadium and Camden Yards. Quite a finish line backdrop! One of the things I really liked about these races is that the half-marathon begins one hour and forty five minutes after the full begins. For the marathoners on pace for a 3:30 marathon, they will cross the half-marathon starting area as the half-marathon starts. It is a huge adrenaline boost to have fresh runners heading out with you as begin the second half. For the half-marathoners, it is really great to be able to run past people around mile 6 or 7 who are slowing down a good bit. You may not normally find half-marathoners slowing down at that point, but that will be mile 19 or 20 for the marathoners so you should be able to pass some of them!

Here are some details about the Baltimore Half-Marathon:

  • Baltimore Half-Marathon – website
  • To be held on October 18, 2014
  • Start time is 9:45AM
  • Fee is $75 for the half-marathon and $40 for the 5K
  • Cap is 11,000 for the half-marathon $90 (until April 1)
  • Course map

Baltimore Half-Marathon

This race is a really great, fun race. The finish area is wonderfully laid out with a lot of stuff available to eat and drink without feeling too packed in with a crowd. The scenery was nice and the course was excellently done. The course’s elevation profile is a bit challenging, especially in the middle portion.

Baltimore half-marathon

Getting There

Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) is a huge airport with airline presence from all US airlines. The best option would (normally) be Southwest, especially during one of their fare sales. Last year, I was able to fly down to Baltimore and back for 4,000 Rapid Reward points (about $90). I haven’t seen any of those cheaper sales this year, but you still may be able to get some decent rates. Even if you go with a different carrier, Baltimore is still a fairly cheap city to fly to.

Staying There

There are many hotels in the Baltimore area. You can see the list of suggested hotels at this page. I checked the award availability of many of the recommended hotels and found a decent amount of rooms available. One of the best deals may be the Hilton Baltimore (50,000 points per night). Many of the hotels you will find will either be near the start/finish area or on the race route.

My suggestion would be the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel. The race website says it is a mere 200 feet from the starting line. That is huge and something I wish I could have had in my last races!


This makes a great half-marathon for the middle of fall, and is especially great for East Coast runners looking for a different race atmosphere. It has the big city feel while showcasing some of the American-styled town settings as well. Being able to run with so many runners is also a big plus. I hope you consider running the Baltimore Half-Marathon – you won’t be sorry!

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