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Great New Change for American Express Referral Offers – For Hilton, SPG, Maybe Others?

Written by Charlie

A recent change was made for American Express referral offers – on the Hilton cards, maybe on others? – that can make it easier for cardholders to earn even more points each year with referrals from their card to other people. Find out what this nice change is and how to take advantage of it!

This is the first time I have noticed it. If others have seen it before and it is not as new as I think, my apologies!

American Express referral offers are one of my reasons to hold on to certain American Express cards. Since each cardholder can only get one sign-up bonus per card, one of the best ways to accrue points or miles with American Express cards is through their referral program. There is a limit, but that limit resets each year.

Now, American Express has made a change to which offers can be referred from cards. This is a great way to earn points in even more ways.

Great New Change for American Express Referral Offers

In the past, you could only issue a referral offer for the card that you had. This meant you had to have, say, the Hilton Aspire card to refer that particular offer and earn the referral points for it. Having the Hilton Ascend card would not be enough.

Until now! The latest e-mail I received from American Express had an interesting tidbit:

american express referral offers

This means that you would still login to get the referral offer for the card you hold, but when the recipient of that link receives the offer, they can select to apply for one of the other Hilton cards – the fee-free or the Aspire – and you will receive the referral bonus of 20,000 points for those as well!

I am no longer a Delta credit card holder so I am not sure if they have this for those cards as well (though I would imagine they do). I am also not sure if they have this on any other cards that have partner cards in the program with Amex. Please, if you have a Delta card check it out!

I have checked with the personal SPG card and it does work with offering the SPG Luxury card offer through that link as well!

I think this new change is especially helpful for holders of the fee-free Hilton card. This allows them to also receive up to 80,000 points through referrals each year on any personal Hilton card – without having to pay an annual fee!

How the Receiver Can Access These Other Offers

Once someone clicks your referral link, tell them to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Down there, they will see the following image. If they click on either one and apply through those links, you will receive the points for the referral. It should be noted also that the no-fee version of 100,000 points is the highest point offer (a better offer, in my opinion, of 75,000 points and $100 is available here).

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