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Great Deals: Latest 32GB iPad for $249 and Latest iPad Pros on Sale Also

Written by Charlie

Amazon has many iPads on sale, from the non-pro, latest model at $249 to some of the latest iPad Pro models with up to $100 off – you should find a deal that fits you!

I wrote last week about the sale at Amazon on the 2018 iPads. While those are still going on (though I imagine they will end tomorrow or this weekend), there are other great deals on iPads as well. If the regular iPad is not enough for what you need, check out the other deals!

Great Deals on iPads from $249 for the Latest Version

Note: Apple will be releasing a new model to replace this model sometime in the next few months. Still, the price now is excellent, especially for what this iPad does. But, if you want the latest and greatest, you should hold off. Or, check out the 2018 iPad Pro deals below!

Link: 2018 iPad 9.7″ for $249 Sale (affiliate link)

The regular price for the 32GB is $329 but you can get it now on Amazon again for $249. This iPad includes support for the Apple Pencil (it is the only non-pro model to do so).

This is one we have for some school stuff and it works exceptionally well. The Apple Pencil feature is a great compliment to it for the note-taking but also as a great way to have a quality tablet to draw on at a relatively inexpensive price (the Apple Pencil is $99 but you can find it on sale or used around $70-80). My kids absolutely love that combo!

This is the 32GB model so it won’t be great if you want to load up content. If you want to move up to the 128GB model, it will cost your $349 (also on sale but not as good as Black Friday). With many people using the cloud, though, 32GB may be perfect for your needs.

Cellular on Sale, Too

If you are interested in having cellular capability, you can get those on sale as well! I do not recall these going on sale before so this is a really good price! I have a cellular equipped iPad and it is fantastic to travel anywhere and instantly be able to connect and get some things done (courtesy of Google Fi, of course!).

iPad Pro Models on Sale

If you want some more out of your tablet (if you are using some more graphic intensive things, for example), you may want to step up to the iPad Pro lineup. In fact, you may want to if you want a more seamless keyboard experience as the iPad Pro models are the only ones that have the Smart Keyboard accessory that connects directly to the iPad.

I have owned both the 2018 iPad Pro (currently) and the 2017 iPad Pro (10.5″). I can tell you that both of them are beasts of a machine and that the only limitation right now is the operating system. Fortunately, it seems like Apple may be rolling out more in the iOS13 update to make the experience on the iPads more like a computer (with things like a real file system). Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I use the iPad Pro for almost everything I do, computing-wise, now. I use it for blogging, for photo editing, and have even been using it for video editing. The thing is a monster! Plus, I have the LTE model so that means I have a Google Fi data-only SIM in there for cheap data anywhere in the world. It is awesome to just push the on button and have a large screen experience with always-on data connectivity!

All that being said, here are the sales on those models (links below are affiliate links)!

  • 2017 iPad Pro 10.5″ – all non-cellular models are $150 off regular price
  • 2018 iPad Pro 11″ they range from $30 off on the WiFi models to up to $100 off on the cellular equipped models
  • 2018 iPad Pro 12.9″ – they range from $50 off to $100 off (or more with other sellers than Amazon) for the WiFi models

So, you can go with the basic model for $249 or spend over $1,500 on a Pro model with cellular! Either way, you are going to save some money so check them out!

For me, my iPad is one of my pieces of travel tech that I never leave home without – seriously!

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